12 Ways To Rekindle Romance In Your Relationship

How to rekindle romance in your relationship

Are you looking for ways to rekindle romance in your relationship and keep the passion alive?

If you are in a long-term relationship or you’ve been married for more than 5 years, it’s important to work on improving your relationship.

If you want to rekindle romance in your relationship before it dies off completely, try to engage in romantic activities for couples often.

Being in a new relationship is truly magical. You feel like you’ve just been swept off your feet and you can’t seem to get enough of each other.

You talk all day long about several interesting topics and you do a lot of fun things together.

A few years down the line, you suddenly realize one day that the spark you initially felt is no longer there.

It’s obvious that you don’t feel butterflies in your tummy when he walks through the door and his touch is not as electric as it used to be.

Have you ever gotten to that point in your relationship where you’re just bored?

Where everything feels like it’s exactly the same, day after day, on repeat with no sign of change?

There’s no excitement… let alone flames to create any spark in your love life. Honestly, you’re not alone!

Many couples go through these exact stages, and not only once in their lifetime.

This lack of spark could repeat itself occasionally until you look for ways to rekindle romance in your relationship.

The ebbs and flows of relationships means there will be times when things are super exciting and times when they’re a little bit boring.

This is a normal part of romantic relationships and almost all couples go through it.

How to rekindle romance in your relationship

If you don’t do anything about it, the little spark remaining will fizzle out and you’ll develop a platonic relationship just like roommates.

But if you want to stay in love with your partner and remain emotionally connected to each other, you have to be willing to put in the work.

No successful relationship falls from the sky, it happens as a result of commitment and constant hard work from both parties.

Since you’re here, I know you want to reignite the spark in your relationship and feel that passionate love again.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, newlywed or married for 20 years, I’m going to share with you 12 ways to rekindle romance in your relationship. 

These tips will also help you stay in love with your partner as you navigate the ups and downs of marriage.


How to rekindle romance in your relationship

1. Remember the good times

Do you remember what it was like when you were dating your current partner?

And do you recall your first few months or years together? I’m sure they were all exciting!

Anytime you feel the love fizzling out in your love life, find time to reminisce about the good old days with your significant other.

If you can reinvent one of those moments, do it. Remembering the good times is a really great way to remind us of our love and how we can get it back.

If you’re stuck in a rut, just go back to the beginning of your relationship and start all over again.

Remind yourself of the happy moments and celebrate them. You’ll feel alive and your partner will definitely notice it!

2. Have a weekly date night

If you’re not doing this already, you should try it one of these days to rekindle romance in your relationship.

I’ve noticed that couples who often complain about boredom and low libido have less frequent outings.

I know you’re thinking about the money that you have to spend on a date night but it doesn’t have to be anything expensive.

You can try out budget-friendly date ideas like watching a new movie at home, playing naughty games for couples, cooking a favourite recipe together and going out for ice cream.

Whatever you decide on doing, make sure it’s thoughtful, fun and interactive for both of you.

A date night can be successful whether you go out to a fancy restaurant or stay at home and eat cookies.

3. Bathe together often

This may not work for couples who have different schedules but you have to try it out for yourself.

Bathing together is one of the easiest ways for a couple to reconnect intimately and rekindle romance in their relationship.

When you get into the shower or bath together, don’t rush it. Take your time and scrub each other’s body. Enjoy the feeling and have fun playing with water.

There is something romantic about a freshly washed body; it’s just so intoxicating and inviting.

When you bathe together, it’s likely you’ll end up making passionate love that will increase the intimacy you both share.

If you feel your relationship is becoming stale, try bathing with your spouse on a less busy weekend and see where it leads.

How to rekindle romance in your relationship

4. Pamper yourselves

When last did you take care of your spouse? I know work, busy schedules and maybe kids often leave you too tired to think of anything else.

But your marriage should always come first no matter what. You need to give it the attention it deserves.

And that’s where pampering comes in. Create time every weekend to spoil yourselves.

Doing what you both enjoy and allow yourselves to really enjoy it can also help to rekindle romance in your marriage.

You can also plan a spa day at home and pamper yourselves with some fancy self-care products.

Add some scented candles, face masks, bath salts, essential oils and relaxing music to the mix.

5. Take a relationship challenge together

When you’re struggling to connect emotionally or physically with your spouse, that’s an obvious sign you need a positive change that will turn your marriage around.

You might want to consider taking the 90 Day Relationship Challenge together to help you spend quality time together and increase your bond as a couple.

A relationship challenge is the perfect idea for couples who want to regain the passion they once had while exploring new things in the bedroom.

You can engage romantic activities to get you busy and help you learn something new about one another as you go through the challenge together.

If you’re looking for easy ways to stay in love with your partner and keep the spark alive in your marriage all year round, the 365 Days Of Romance Ebook will help you achieve those goals.

6. Talk like best friends

I’ve discovered that when passion fizzles out in a romantic relationship, it’s often because couples no longer talk like they used to do.

Communication has many benefits and one of them is improving intimacy between couples.

If you want to rekindle romance in your relationship, start engaging in thought-provoking conversations that will help you learn more about each other.

It doesn’t have to be anything complex at all. Just look for exciting and easy topics that you both enjoy then talk about it in detail.

Another way you can increase communication is by asking relevant questions about something your spouse is involved with.


How to rekindle romance in your relationship

7. Exchange thoughtful gifts

You may think that men don’t need gifts but that’s a false concept.

Men have emotions too and they know when you do something out of love.

If you want to respark the romance in your relationship, exchange thoughtful gifts with one another for no reason at all.

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries to give your spouse a present.

Sharing thoughtful gifts shows how much you really care and what you’re willing to do make that other person happy.

When your relationship starts to lose it’s spark, reignite it with romantic ideas that your husband will totally adore.

Giving your spouse a surprise gift can be the fastest way to rekindle romance because everyone loves spontaneity and pleasant surprises.

8. Try new things in the bedroom

Doing the same thing over and over again can lead to stagnation in the bedroom.

Sometimes, it’s compulsory to do something new and exciting in the intimacy department in order to rekindle romance.

If you’ve been using only a few lovemaking positions, experiment with more passionate positions and see if your man likes it.

If you have secret fantasies that you want to act out, get your partner onboard. You’ll be surprised at how receptive he’ll be!

You can also try different locations instead of sticking to the bedroom every time you want to make love.

Some places around the house can make intercourse more pleasurable. So, try new things in the bedroom as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.


9. Use words of affirmation

You may be wondering how this can help your relationship because you haven’t tried it yet but I’m here to tell you that words are powerful.

They can be used for healing or destruction and you need to try them in your relationship for a positive impact.

Instead of spending your time nagging or quarrelling over trivial issues, why don’t you try using words of affirmation to uplift your spouse?

Even if it’s not his love language, it still pays to tell your partner some really nice things he wants to hear.

Women are not the only ones that enjoy receiving compliments.

Men love compliments too but you have to be careful not to overuse it so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.

Call your spouse during the day to ask how his day is going and to reassure him of your love for him.

You can also send him romantic text messages when you’re apart. Love messages are the perfect way to rekindle romance and keep the love alive if you’re not together.

How to rekindle romance in your relationship

10. Organize a surprise picnic for two

How often do you organize a surprise picnic for just the two of you?

It may be hard to pull off if you have kids or other engagements but it’s worth it.

You don’t even need to invest too much time or money planning one. It’s a low budget event that will definitely make you both happy.

If you want to rekindle romance in your marriage, plan frequent surprise picnics every month.

It would be a nice avenue to spend quality time with your spouse and rekindle romance in your marriage.

Just find a spectacular spot, pack a box of snacks, get some warm blankets and enjoy a wonderful sightseeing day with your beloved at the park or on a beach.

How romantic does that sound?

11. Travel together

Travelling is another great way to reignite the spark in your marriage.

Visiting new places and experiencing new adventures can help to increase the bond between a couple.

It’s beneficial to plan a romantic vacation at least twice a year to reconnect and find new ways to love each other.

You don’t need to travel to Paris or Rome if you can’t afford it at this moment. You can choose to go on a road trip to some nearby towns or cities.

Travelling by road can help to foster great communication, team cooperation and a more intimate relationship.

You get to do new things you don’t normally do and see first hand the lifestyle of other people.

Staying in a hotel for a few nights can also help couples rekindle romance in their marriage because of the change in location or scenery.

50 Fun Road Trip Questions For Couples

How to rekindle romance in your marriage

12. Play with each other every day

Are you the type of couple who is always uptight and serious all the time?

Life is more than work and business; learn to loosen up and have fun once in a while if you want to rekindle romance in your marriage.

I’m not asking you to abandon your responsibilities but you need to know that you deserve a break too.

You need to let go, relax and just be your fun self that your spouse fell in love with initially.

Being too serious all the time can make a marriage lose its spark and seem like a business partnership.

As a married couple, you should be able to play with each other like best friends and laugh together often to lighten up the mood.

Wrap your arms around him when he’s cooking in the kitchen. Give him a kiss on the forehead when he’s working at home. 

Rest your head on his shoulders when you’re watching TV together. Give him a back rub before bed. Eat breakfast in bed and have candlelight dinners together.

Do some little romantic things that mean a lot to your partner and you will feel the romance being rekindled.

If you want to keep the love alive in your relationship, remember to play with each other every day. You’ll feel like newlyweds once again!

How to rekindle romance in your marriage

Do you want a happy, stable and lasting relationship with your partner? Of course you do!

Everyone wants affection, commitment and stability in any romantic relationship.

If you’re ready to respark the romance in your marriage, get the 365 Days Of Romance Challenge to help you keep the passion alive.

Whether your relationship is new or you’ve been together for years, it’s important to rekindle romance in your relationship by trying new things with your partner regularly.

If you try these tips and none of them work for your marriage, consider visiting a marriage counselor or therapist for specifically tailored solutions to your problems.


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