5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Open Your Heart to Receive Love

5 reasons why you should open your heart to love

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Love is one of the most beautiful and overwhelming emotions that humans experience at least once in their lifetime.

When you open your heart to receive love it’s often a great feeling that cannot be quantified.

We have so much emotion packed into one feeling.

Love makes us happy; it makes us sad, angry, fearful, brave, strong, weak and a thousand other emotions that we can’t even identify.

Love is what fuels most of our motivations in life. We work out because we want to love our bodies.

We go to work and find a career because of a passion and love to do well in life.

Open your heart to receive love

When it comes down to it, love rules our heads and our hearts, but we need to be open to it happening.

I’m not necessarily talking about heading online to find love or signing up on the latest dating site for singles.

However, opening your heart to the world around you gives you the chance to meet someone that you could love for the rest of your life.

To share love with someone is a privilege, and you can only do that if you are open to it.

It’s often difficult to open your heart to love again if you’ve been hurt before.

And that’s why I’m going to give you five reasons why you should open up your heart to receive love.


5 Amazing reasons why you should open your heart to love

1. To give yourself a chance to be happy

When you open your heart to receive love and give love, you give yourself the chance to be happy.

If you don’t take the chance to love again, you may never be truly happy.

There’s usually a piece of the puzzle missing somewhere in life, and allowing love – in whatever form it takes – into your life can make you feel full in your heart.

Life is a little brighter with every new person who comes into your life even if it doesn’t end in marriage.

2. An opportunity to make new friends

Love isn’t just about physical closeness and all that comes with being in a romantic relationship.

The platonic love that you feel for your friends and colleagues who you become close to should also be cherished because it makes life meaningful.

You may have a close-knit group of friends already, but is there really such a thing as too many friends? I don’t think so.

Opening your heart to new friends can make all the difference in your life.

And you get the chance to love better without expecting any commitment or attachment.

Open your heart to receive love

3. To heal your broken heart

There’s nothing fun about being dumped.

It hurts, it makes you feel hollow inside and it can severely impact your mood for weeks or even months.

Love can help to heal that crack in your heart, but you have to give yourself enough time to heal from a bad breakup.

However, the love you receive from family and friends? Don’t close yourself to that, even if you do close yourself off to romantic love.

This kind of love is nurturing and capable of healing past wounds.

Open your heart to receive love from family and friends; don’t shut them out.

5 reasons why you should open your heart to love

4. To let go of the past and move on

The biggest reason that you need to open your heart to receive love is to allow you to heal and move on from past hurts.

When you let go of the pain and move on, you’re giving yourself the chance to be a better version of yourself.

If you refuse yourself that healing you need, you’ll carry all that pain and bitterness around with you wherever you go.

That kind of baggage will not allow you to live a happy life.

But if you let it all out, you’ll be able to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and feel fantastic for it too.

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Open your heart to receive love

5. The possibility of meeting the love of your life

Love is not something that always happens naturally.

But if you work on yourself to be more open to the possibility of giving love and being loved, you’re going to transform into someone worthy of happiness.

Your whole attitude can change based on your ability to have an open heart. Let it happen and feel the magic.

If you shy away from opening your heart, you may miss your chance of ever meeting the love of your life.


Opening up your heart to receive love and affection is totally worth it.

There is a possibility of making new friends, meeting the love of your life and being truly happy.

Why don’t you give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose!


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