10 Terrible Mistakes Men Make In Bed

mistakes men make in bed

Do you know the top ten mistakes men make in bed that negatively impact their love life?

When it comes to pleasing a woman in bed, most men fall somewhere between fumbling and clueless.

Some men really know what it takes to satisfy a woman in bed, but majority still don’t get it.

A lot of men don’t know much about the intimacy department except to dip the stick into the honey pot and bring it out when it’s limp.

There’s a lot more attached to intimacy than just your own satisfaction.

Intercourse is an art that involves tenderness, passion, love, and patience. It should be beautiful and amazing!

As a man, not knowing the right thing to do during lovemaking to satisfy your woman’s intimate needs can be frustrating as well as challenging.

This is because women are not wired the same way as men and they have totally different needs when it comes to intimacy.

The truth is that your woman won’t tell you that she’s unsatisfied because she doesn’t want to bruise your ego and possibly lose you due to a lack of compatibility in bed.

So it’s easier for her to pretend, lie to you, and fake her orgasms to keep your self-esteem and dignity intact.

Sadly, this approach doesn’t help in the long run, and it’s not good for your intimate relationship either.

Just imagine how many women out there are starved because their men don’t have a clue about what they are doing in the bedroom.

Luckily, with open communication and the right set of skills, you can blow her mind in bed and keep her utterly satisfied every time you make love.

In this article, we look at some of the most common mistakes men make during lovemaking and how you can avoid them when getting intimate with your partner.

mistakes men make in bed


If you have been struggling to please a woman and want to know what you are doing wrong in the bedroom, here are 10 terrible mistakes men make in bed.

1. Pursuing your lover only in bed

After a long, hectic day as you get under the sheets together, you’ll probably skip the preliminaries and go straight for the main event, if there has been no flirting during the day.

Not being romantic is the number one mistake men make in bed and it turns a lot of women off.

When you completely ignore a woman throughout the day and only pay attention to her when you want to make love, you won’t get a good response from her.

This is because most women need an emotional connection with a man before they can enjoy lovemaking.

If you don’t build up expectation and enthusiasm during the day, don’t expect much from your partner.

Women love being wooed and pampered. They need to know they are desired by their lovers.

Let your partner know that she’s still as hot as when you first met her and that you are still attracted to her personality and body.

Learn to be romantic and make her crave you when you are not together. Tell her how attractive she is and how much you want to devour her.

Let her know you’re thinking about her and can’t get her out of your mind. Don’t abandon her all day and pursue her only in bed!

Send her romantic text messages that will brighten her day and melt her heart.

If you shower a woman with love and affection outside the bedroom, she will be more welcoming in bed.

Don’t wait until you want to get intimate before you seduce her; always make her feel wanted and desired even when you don’t want to sleep with her.

2. Not speaking up about your needs

Another mistake men make is, thinking that intimacy will just happen without asking for it.

They feel they are entitled to it whether the woman in question wants it or not. It’s part of the relationship, right? Well, not really.

Your woman does not have the same intimate needs as you. So, if you need some little action, say it.

Don’t expect her to know what you’re thinking, and stop waiting for her to guess what you want in bed.

Saying something like, Honey, let’s make love tonight, makes physical intimacy seem like an obligation or chore.

Instead, try to be a bit more direct and say, I want you so bad right now, baby. It sounds hotter and more appealing!

You can also tell her your intimate needs by taking turns asking each other intimate questions for couples.

And when you are making love, give her directions so she can please you better.

If you want her to lick your earlobes, suck your nipples, or gently massage your balls, tell her.

When you speak up about your needs in bed, your partner will learn what you like and do more of it each time you make love.

mistakes men make in bed

3. Letting yourself go

Maybe you’ve been together for many years, and somehow added some weight unconsciously.

Change is inevitable in every relationship. However, it’s important to not take your partner for granted and let yourself go completely.

A few extra pounds here and there is not bad but you need to watch it so you can maintain your attractiveness.

Whether you agree or not, every woman wants a lover who takes care of his body and strives to become the best version of himself.

From your basic hygiene to how you dress and what shape you’re in physically and mentally, it’s important to do your best to look good.

Apply a sweet-smelling perfume, shave regularly, exercise often, and watch what you eat to keep yourself in excellent shape.

If a woman finds you physically attractive, she would be willing to get intimate with you.

But when you look unkempt or obese, you may not get a lot of action in the bedroom, especially if you used to look great.

4. Going down on her too soon or not at all

Another terrible mistake men make is that they skip foreplay and rush straight to penetration.

Women need more time to get aroused than men, and find it difficult to reach orgasm through intercourse alone.

So diving in for the most visible body parts too soon during lovemaking can be a turn-off for many women.

Whether you want to stimulate her with your hands or tongue, don’t rush foreplay. Your partner needs to be well aroused before you go down on her.

Focus on her whole body. Caress her slowly from head to toe.

Fondle her neck, nibble her ears, lick her nipples tenderly, and run your tongue on her belly button.

You can also place soft kisses on her inner thighs to turn her on. Don’t just go straight to her private part and start playing with it when she’s not ready.

Make love to other parts of her body and get her dripping wet before you dive in for the main event.

If you are a man who doesn’t bother going down on your partner, is she okay with it? Have you asked her if she would like you to give her oral?

Most women love receiving oral as it’s the fastest way to reach orgasm with a lover.

Talk about intimacy with your woman and see if there is something you need to do during lovemaking to please her more.

If you’re shy to bring up the topic, download these intimate questions for couples and use them as icebreakers to discover her secret desires and fantasies. 

5. Not knowing the clitoris or its location

Many men think that a woman reaches her orgasm just by mere penetration. But that’s not entirely true with most women.

Your woman may experience pleasure during penetration, but she will need more than that to reach her orgasm.

The clitoris was created for only pleasure; it has no other function so don’t ignore it when you make love to a woman.

If you have no idea what it is, consider studying your woman’s body and learning everything you can about it; she’ll thank you for it.

This intimacy guide will show you how to go down on a woman like a pro and keep her satisfied each time you make love. 

mistakes men make in bed

6. Neglecting other hot erogenous zones

A major mistake most men make during lovemaking is to focus on the obvious parts of a woman’s body that give her pleasure.

Paying attention to a particular body part can be numbing and even unpleasant after a while.

Most women have more sensitive areas apart from their breasts, nipples, and genitals.

You need to discover other places you can touch her to get her aroused.

While the big three may be the areas that are most stimulating for you during intimacy, you need to explore other areas as well.

Ask your woman what she likes in bed and take note of how she responds to touch in some zones. And remember them each time you make love to her!

If you want to please a woman during lovemaking, take your time to learn her other erogenous zones not just the most common ones.

The neck, shoulders, back, belly, buttocks, and feet are hot zones you need to pay attention to when making love to her.

When you learn how to touch a woman in different places that turn her on, you can revive her drive and make her go crazy for you.

7. Not exploring her secret fantasies

All women have a fun side that they may not reveal unless you’re a good partner who knows how to bring out that freaky person in her.

They also have secret fantasies that they wish could be fulfilled by their lover.

What are your partner’s secret fantasies? Do you know what she’s dying to try out in bed?

A man who doesn’t know what his woman likes in bed is making a huge mistake.

The key to giving a woman immense pleasure and satisfying her during lovemaking is to know exactly what she wants in bed.

If she likes to role-play, try dressing up in a costume to add more spark to your love life.

You can dress up as a bartender, cowboy, doctor, or any character she finds appealing.

If you long for your woman to “dress up” for you, try talking to her about it.

Aside from role-playing, there are lots of different positions women love but won’t tell you because they’re afraid of being labeled promiscuous or wayward.

It’s a good idea to try different lovemaking positions and notice the one she responds positively to.

Many women find the doggy style painful, so don’t assume she likes it because you enjoy it.

If you want to skip the trial and error, you can easily find out what position drives your woman crazy by playing this naughty truth or dare game for couples.

It will lead to mind-blowing ecstasy for you and your lover.

If her fantasies involve visiting a deserted island, take her with you on a romantic gateway at a nice spot out of town or visit the beach and have some fun together.

Just surprise her on a weekend and see how much love you’ll receive in return.

8. Expecting her to act out all your secret fantasies

Talking of fantasies, one of the many terrible things that adult movies teach us is that a woman should fulfill a man’s every fantasy.

This is quite impossible unless your partner is freaky in bed.

But if she’s not the crazy type who wants to fulfill your fantasies, don’t force her to do anything she dislikes.

Respect her decisions and don’t overstep your boundaries. Your woman is not an object so don’t treat her like one.

mistakes men make in bed

9. Assuming she’s satisfied in bed

You’ve just had a mind-blowing orgasm and are on cloud nine, so she should be ecstatic too, right? Wrong.

If you think a woman is satisfied because you just made love, that’s a terrible mistake.

The truth is that many women cannot reach their orgasm during intercourse as quickly as most men.

Those who are extremely shy about intimacy would not tell you that they are not satisfied or that they faked an orgasm to make you happy.

Even when you think your woman is satisfied, ask her if she is, and don’t assume that you’ve given her much pleasure.

If she hasn’t reached her orgasm, find other means to satisfy her.

There are many other ways of pleasing a woman like touching her genitals, giving her oral, using a stimulating vibrator, etc.

Don’t forget to use a body-friendly water-based lubricant to avoid excess friction and skin irritation after intercourse.

10. Going way too fast during lovemaking

Being too quick to finish up is another mistake men make in bed. Some men are often too hasty when they go under the sheets.

They are too preoccupied with their own desires that they don’t think of their partner’s intimate needs.

The minute they come in contact with their partner, they fondle her briefly and the next thing you know, they are inside her, ejaculating.

When it comes to intimacy, remember that it is an art; slow down, take your time with each other and enjoy the blissful moments together.

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There is nothing that ruins a relationship faster than bad lovemaking.

If you have been making these awful mistakes in bed, it’s not too late to correct them.

Would you know what to do if the woman you love tells you that she cannot achieve orgasm?

If you’re clueless about how to give a woman oral and help her climax during lovemaking, this intimacy guide contains powerful techniques for pleasing a woman orally.

It will teach you what to do when giving a woman oral and how to make her achieve mind-blowing orgasms with just your tongue and fingers.


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