12 Biggest Signs You’re Good In Bed

signs you're good in bed

Have you ever wondered if you’re good in bed? I’m sure you have because let’s face it, physical intimacy is super important in romantic relationships.

But there’s really no definitive way to know if you’ve got the skills to thrill and satisfy a partner. Well, until now.

This article will give you some telltale signs you’re good in bed and how to improve your love life. We’ll cover the signs during, as well as before, and after the main event.


Being good in bed often refers to more than just physical skills.

It’s about communication, emotional connection, responsiveness, and mutual respect. Here are some signs you’re good in bed:

1. You openly talk about intimacy

A major sign you’re great in bed is that you’re not shy when it comes to chatting about physical intimacy.

You frequently bring up questions about your partner’s likes, dislikes, and desires in between the sheets.

You want to make sure you’re both on the same page about what you want and don’t want.

Communication is key in every relationship. So, if you’re constantly engaging your partner in open and honest conversations about intimacy, that’s a sign you’ve got skills.

Discussing new positions or activities you’re interested in trying and asking for feedback on what’s working is a surefire way to keep your love life exciting.

Put more effort into listening to understand your partner’s needs so that you’ll be sure you’re giving them exactly what they want in bed and not just guessing.

If you find it difficult to talk about intimacy with your partner because you’re shy or think it’s awkward, use these 201 intimate questions for couples to discover each other’s desires and secret fantasies. 

signs you're good in bed

2. You pay attention to your partner’s body language

Another sign you’re good in bed is that you know how to read between the lines.

You closely observe your partner’s body language to know whether you’re doing the right thing.

Do they arch their back, grab the sheets, or moan softly during foreplay? That’s a sign you know all the hot spots to touch and you’re good in bed.

Keep experimenting with different touches, pressures, and rhythms. Watch how your partner responds to your every move.

Pay attention to the way their breathing changes, how their muscles tense, and the sounds they make—these all give you valuable clues about what’s working for them.

Being attentive to the subtle signals your partner gives you will make you an expert in bed. You’ll quickly learn all the sweet spots and little touches that drive them wild.

Before you know it, you’ll have mastered the art of lovemaking just by listening to your partner’s body language and doing what they want in bed.

3. You’re not selfish in bed

A major sign you’re good in bed is that you’re focused on your partner’s pleasure, not just your own.

You check in with them to see what they’re enjoying, you try different things to find what turns them on, and you don’t rush into the main event.

You spend plenty of time on foreplay. Whether it’s kissing, caressing, massage, or giving oral, you make sure your partner is aroused before moving forward.

You also pay attention to cues. You notice faster breathing, muscles tensing, moans, and other signs your partner is especially enjoying something. Then you keep doing that and even ask for feedback in bed.

You may say something like “Do you like this?” or “How does this feel?” Your partner’s pleasure is a priority, so you want to know the best ways to satisfy them.

You often mix things up too. You don’t just do the same 1-2 things every time you make love.

Instead, you try new lovemaking positions, techniques, speeds, or locations to keep things exciting because you know variety is the spice of life!

Putting your partner’s needs first and being focused on mutual pleasure are hallmarks of a skilled and attentive lover.

If you do all of these things, you’re well on your way to being great in bed. Keep doing what’s working and always strive to improve your bedroom skills.

signs you're good in bed

4. You take your time during lovemaking

A good lover knows that amazing lovemaking isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You understand that foreplay and building anticipation are key.

You kiss, caress, and explore your partner’s body, finding out what makes them feel good.

You start slow and build up the intensity, maybe beginning with a sensual massage using scented oils or slowly undressing each other while maintaining eye contact.

You communicate with your partner about what they enjoy and aren’t afraid to ask for feedback on what’s working and not working.

A quickie can be exciting at times, but you prefer unhurried, passionate lovemaking sessions where you can be fully present in the experience.

You understand that for many people, especially women, arousal and reaching orgasm can take 15 minutes or more of direct stimulation. So you make the time to do it right.

Your patience and attentiveness in bed show you genuinely care about your partner’s pleasure and satisfaction.

And taking things slowly allows you both to become highly aroused, often resulting in more intense orgasms.

While quickies definitely have their place, a good lover knows that like a fine meal, the best things are worth savoring.

5. You’re open to trying new things

A big sign you’re great in bed is that you and your partner frequently try new positions, locations, toys, or other activities to keep things exciting.

If your go-to move is always missionary position with the lights off, you’re missing out on discovering new pleasures and ways to thrill your lover.

Open-mindedness and a willingness to experiment are signs of a skilled lover. Discuss fantasies, new lovemaking positions, or adult toys you’re curious about.

Start with something small like a blindfold or feather, and see where the mood takes you. Trying new sensations and experiences together builds intimacy and passion.

Even if something fails, you’ll laugh about it later! A healthy love life requires effort to prevent boredom and keep that spark alive.

If you find yourself in a rut, suggest a romantic challenge like sleeping without underwear for a week or waking your partner up for some amorous activity in the middle of the night.

Exploring each other’s desires and pushing your boundaries will make you both better lovers. So don’t be afraid to try new things!

6. You’re comfortable with your body and express yourself freely

Being comfortable in your own skin and able to express yourself without inhibition is a sure sign you’ve got skills in the bedroom.

When you know your body well and understand what turns you on, you can better communicate that to your partner.

Don’t be afraid to speak up about what you want and the pace or rhythm you need. Guide your partner’s hands or gently maneuver their body into the right position.

Show them how you like to be touched by demonstrating on yourself or taking their hands to the right spots.

Moaning, groaning, and even dirty talk during intimate moments are healthy ways to provide feedback on what’s working. Let your body move the way it wants to.

Arch your back, grind your hips, and grab the sheets if you feel like it. Holding back will only make you and your partner feel awkward and unable to connect fully.

The ability to express how you’re feeling both physically and verbally translates to better experiences for you both during and after the act.

Your confidence in yourself will make your partner feel at ease to do the same and together you can discover new levels of pleasure.

signs you're good in bed

7. You respect your partner’s boundaries in bed

A good lover knows that for many people, certain acts or behaviors can make them feel uncomfortable or even unsafe.

If you frequently check in with your partner during intimacy to make sure they feel good about what’s happening, that’s a sign you respect their boundaries.

When you’re a good lover, you’ll do the following things during intimacy:

You often ask for consent before trying anything new or different. A simple “Is this okay?” can go a long way.

You pay attention to both verbal and nonverbal cues that your partner may not be enjoying an activity. Things like tensing up, pulling away, or not making eye contact are all signs that tell you they want to stop or slow down.

You openly talk about boundaries, limits, and safe words before trying something new in bed. That way you both feel comfortable speaking up if something feels off in the moment.

You don’t assume that just because your partner enjoyed something once, they will always be in the mood for it. You know that people’s desires and needs change from time to time.

Respect, communication, and consent are important for a healthy romantic relationship.

If you make your partner feel heard, cared for, and safe in the bedroom, that’s a sign you’re a skilled and attentive lover.

8. You prioritize emotional connection with your partner

When you’re skilled in the bedroom, you know that physical intimacy is only part of the equation and emotional intimacy is just as important for a satisfying experience with your partner.

Here are some signs you prioritize connecting emotionally:

• You make eye contact, kiss, hold hands, and cuddle with your partner. Touching releases oxytocin, which helps to strengthen a couple’s bond.

• You communicate openly about desires, boundaries, and what feels good. Speaking freely about intimacy helps build trust and understanding.

• You focus on your partner’s pleasure and satisfaction. Paying close attention to their needs and checking in shows you value their happiness and well-being.

Foreplay starts long before any clothes come off. Flirting, complimenting, and engaging with your partner throughout the day lays the foundation for physical intimacy later on.

If you often express love and affection for your partner before, during, and after intimacy, that’s a sign you prioritize emotional connection and you’re good in bed.

9. You always make sure your partner is satisfied

Another major sign you’re good in bed is that your partner’s pleasure is just as important as your own.

You check in with them during intimate moments to make sure they’re enjoying themselves. If not, you make adjustments to what you’re doing to satisfy them.

You care about their experience and want them to feel good. Their satisfaction and orgasm are not afterthoughts or optional extras to you.

You know that good lovemaking should be mutually pleasurable and fulfilling.

You pay attention to their body language and cues. Moaning, heavy breathing, muscle contractions, and increased wetness in women are all signs your partner is aroused and enjoying your lovemaking.

You look for these signs to make sure you’re on the right track. You ask what they want and how you can make them feel good.

You understand that communication is key to building a thriving love life and you’re not afraid to ask your partner directly what they need to have an amazing intimate experience.

An unselfish lover makes their partner’s pleasure and satisfaction a top priority. If you do this every time you’re intimate together, it’s a sign you’re skilled in the bedroom.

signs you're good in bed

10. You show care and affection after lovemaking

If you continue expressing your affection and intimacy after the act itself, that’s a sign you’re a good lover.

When the passion has subsided but you still gaze into each other’s eyes, share sweet kisses, cuddle and whisper nice compliments—that shows your partner they are cared for.

Making your lover feel cherished and appreciated after lovemaking solidifies the connection you just shared and will make them feel eager for the next romantic encounter.

Take the time to compliment your partner, express how much you enjoyed being with them, hold them close, and engage in pillow talk.

Let them know with your words and actions that they are special to you.

Showing care and tenderness after intimacy is a sign you understand great lovemaking isn’t just physical but emotional too.

Ultimately, good lovemaking comes down to generosity, empathy, affection, and creating an amazing experience together—not just taking your own pleasure.

11. Your partner gives you positive feedback about your performance

When your partner frequently comments on how great the lovemaking is, how attractive they find you, and how much they enjoy being intimate with you, that’s a sign you’ve got some skills in the bedroom.

If after being together, your partner tells you things like:
“That was amazing.”
“You really know how to turn me on.”
“I love how passionate you are.”

Or if they compliment specific things you did that drove them wild, you’re probably quite good in bed.

Positive feedback is one of the best ways to know you’ve mastered the art of lovemaking.

Of course, the ultimate sign you’re great in bed is if your partner reaches climax.

But even if that doesn’t always happen, your lover praising your bedroom techniques, complimenting your foreplay skills, and raving about how much they enjoy making love to you is a clear indication you’ve got what it takes.

Keep up the great work and be sure to return the favor by telling your partner how much you appreciate them too.

Mutual satisfaction and open communication are the keys to a fulfilling love life. 

signs you're good in bed

12. Your partner keeps coming back for more

If your partner frequently initiates lovemaking and often expresses a desire for more time between the sheets with you, that’s a sign you’ve got skills. Making love with you is so satisfying they can’t get enough.

When you’re great in bed, your partner will crave that connection and the pleasure that comes from being with you.

They’ll hint at quickies on your lunch break or send flirty texts expressing how much they’re looking forward to seeing you after work. Your ability to please them and meet their needs leaves them wanting more.

Satisfying someone intimately requires paying close attention to their needs, learning what they enjoy, and refining your technique. The fact that your partner voluntarily pursues in bed shows you’ve achieved that.

You should feel confident in your abilities but also continue improving by trying new activities together or revisiting your favorite tricks.

Keep the fire burning by reciprocating their interest and desire. When both partners feel fulfilled, it leads to a healthy, thriving love life and relationship.


Do you think you’re a great lover? If you resonated with several of the signs highlighted in this article, it means you’re pretty darn good in the bedroom and your partner is lucky to have you.

But, don’t let it get to your head though!

At the end of the day, being an attentive, enthusiastic partner who cares about your lover’s pleasure and emotional needs matters more than any particular skills or techniques.

So be thoughtful, stay present, keep communicating, and keep exploring each other’s bodies. That’s the secret to great lovemaking.


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