15 Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

signs he doesn't love you anymore

When someone falls out of love in a relationship, it’s not often an immediate act.

It is a gradual process that starts long before they tell you they don’t love you anymore and it’s easy to recognize the signs of a lack of interest in a romantic partner.

From not caring about your well-being to little communication and spending more time with other people, there are so many ways you can tell when someone no longer has feelings for you.

In this article, we look at some of the signs you’ll notice when a man doesn’t love you anymore.


How can you tell if your man is no longer in love with you? Falling out of love doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to get rid of deep emotions.

If you’re observant you’ll notice the significant changes in your romantic partner that tell you they’re slowly losing interest in you.

Here are 15 obvious signs he doesn’t love you anymore:

1. He ignores you most of the time

One of the common signs a man doesn’t love you anymore is that he’ll ignore you and stop paying attention to you.

For example, when you complain about a problem you’re struggling to fix, he won’t do anything to help or offer good solutions.

A man who loves you will be concerned when you’re worried or stressed over an issue and he’ll go out of his way to see it resolved so you can be happy again.

If your man is ignoring you most of the time and neglecting your personal needs, that’s a clear sign he’s falling out of love with you.

signs he doesn't love you anymore

2. He spends a lot of time with other people

Another sign a man doesn’t love you anymore is that he’ll choose to spend his leisure time with his friends or family members.

For instance, when he gets back from work at the end of the day, he won’t stay at home to bond with you instead he’ll hang out with strangers at a bar or visit his friends for drinks.

If your partner used to spend a lot of time with you but now prefers to be around other people, that’s a sign he’s withdrawing from you.

3. He is insensitive to your pain or suffering

When you love someone, you feel their pain or distress and would want to do something to ease their suffering.

For example, you may bring warm soup to your sick friend or stay with your partner in the hospital until they recover.

Similarly, a man in love will do anything to make his woman feel safe, comfortable, and happy because he doesn’t want to see her hurt.

If your significant other is indifferent to your pain or suffering and doesn’t take you seriously when you complain about your discomfort, that’s a sure sign he no longer cares for you.

4. He abuses you physically, emotionally, or verbally

Many women stay in abusive relationships with the hope that their partner loves them and will change his behavior in the nearest future.

The sad truth is that a romantic partner who abuses you in any way doesn’t love you.

This is often difficult to comprehend because you love him deeply and feel emotionally attached to him, but if a man really loves you, he won’t deliberately hurt you.

Maybe your partner once loved you and cared for your well-being, but if he starts abusing you verbally, physically, or emotionally, it’s a sign he doesn’t love you anymore.

signs he doesn't love you anymore

5. He refuses to compromise when you disagree

Another sign a man is losing his love for you is that he’ll only look out for himself and will want things to go his way all the time.

A man who loves you will talk things out with you, listen to your opinions, and make compromises whenever necessary because he has your best interests at heart.

A selfish partner who doesn’t love you will refuse to reason with you or consider your viewpoints during an argument.

If your partner refuses to meet you halfway or make sacrifices for you, it means he doesn’t care about you.

6. He doesn’t make any effort to improve your relationship

When you’re in a committed relationship with a man, he’ll constantly look for ways to improve your love life.

For example, he’ll plan regular dates, buy you gifts on special occasions, and do little romantic things to make you feel special.

If your man no longer does nice things for you on a consistent basis or makes any effort to maintain your bond in the relationship, it’s a sign he doesn’t love you anymore.

7. He doesn’t argue or fight with you anymore

Most people think when a romantic partner doesn’t quarrel or fight in a relationship it’s because they’re deeply in love and care about your feelings.

On the contrary, if your significant other has stopped fighting with you, it’s a big sign they don’t love you anymore and don’t think it’s worth it to argue about anything.

A partner who loves you will be interested in improving your relationship and will express their real feelings during conversations because that’s the best way to move forward as a couple.

If your partner doesn’t bother to complain or argue about anything in your relationship, this means they’ve fallen out of love with you and don’t care about the outcome of your love life.

signs he doesn't love you anymore

8. He doesn’t communicate his feelings to you

Lack of communication is one of the biggest signs a man doesn’t love you anymore.

When you love someone, you want to have meaningful conversations with them and share your thoughts openly on a regular basis.

Your significant other will also be the first person you’ll share any news with whether good, bad, or ugly.

A surefire way to know your partner no longer loves you is that he’ll stop telling you things going on in his life and won’t ask you personal questions about your own life.

9. He treats you as if you don’t exist

Another obvious sign a man doesn’t love you anymore is that he’ll treat you like a complete stranger.

For example, when you stay out for a long time, he won’t call to find out why you aren’t back or if you need a lift home.

When you’re together in the house, he’ll also avoid interacting with you in any way and will do everything solo.

Even when you try to talk to him, he’ll reply with one-word answers and won’t elaborate on his responses.

If your partner is acting as if you don’t exist in his life, that’s a sure sign he doesn’t love you anymore.

10. He abandons you to deal with your challenges alone

One of the biggest signs a man no longer has feelings for you is that he won’t care about your well-being and will leave you to handle all your problems alone.

For example, he may come up with excuses to not accompany you to the hospital for a checkup or he’ll abandon you during an important event to hang out with his close friends.

When you’re sick and need adequate rest, he won’t offer to do the house chores or prepare a homemade meal for you and you’ll have to fend for yourself despite your sickness.

If you feel alone, neglected, or sidelined in your relationship, that’s a big sign your man doesn’t love you anymore.

signs he doesn't love you anymore

11. He’s emotionally distant and cold toward you

Does your partner seem cold, distant, and aloof toward you? That’s a clear sign he’s no longer emotionally attached to you.

When a man loves you, he’ll show it in his words, actions, and body language.

This means he’ll often say “I love you”, give you warm hugs, and spend quality time with you.

However, if your partner doesn’t love you anymore, he’ll have no desire to be around you or interact with you on a personal level.

Even when you try to talk to him about certain things, the conversations will usually be shallow and boring.

He may also show a lack of interest in you by paying more attention to his smartphone, video games, hobbies, or the TV.

12. He doesn’t call or text often

Another common sign to watch out for in a failing relationship is little or poor communication from a man.

For example, a man who doesn’t love you will avoid reaching out to you throughout the day and you’ll have to be the one to contact him even when he has access to a working phone.

He’ll also take a long time to reply to your chats or return your calls and claim to be busy with work.

If you notice your partner no longer calls or sends romantic messages to you frequently when you’re apart, that’s a huge red flag.

A man who loves you will maintain contact with you, especially when you’re not together and he’ll want to know what your up to or how you’re doing every day.

13. He doesn’t play with you anymore

Couples who love each other often play and do fun things together. They’ll hold hands when they stroll in the evening, have pillow fights, and make inside jokes regularly.

A sure sign your man doesn’t love you anymore is that he’s no longer friendly or playful with you.

For example, he’ll stop tickling you, hugging you from behind, or placing soft kisses on your forehead.

If your man no longer laughs with you or does silly things to make you smile, that’s a clear sign he has lost interest in you.

14. He doesn’t celebrate with you on special occasions

Another sign a man doesn’t care about you is that he’ll forget important dates in your relationship and won’t celebrate with you on special occasions.

Do you have to constantly plan events or celebrations alone and remind your man of your anniversary or birthday? That’s a sign he’s no longer in love with you.

A man who loves you will keep important dates at the back of his mind and plan romantic surprises to brighten your special day.

On rare occasions when he forgets an event because of his busy schedule, he’ll make it up to you instead of blaming it on external circumstances.

signs he doesn't love you anymore

15. He has stopped showing you love and affection

Has your man stopped being affectionate with you? Lack of affection in a romantic relationship is a sign that there is no love between a couple.

When people love each other deeply, they are eager to show it in different ways.

They may choose to give flowers, offer assistance, spend a lot of time together, or touch one another tenderly.

If you don’t feel loved, wanted, or appreciated in your relationship, this means your partner isn’t making any effort to show you love and affection.

And when someone stops trying to impress you or make you happy by doing little things on a regular basis, it’s a sign they don’t love you anymore.


The best way to know if your partner doesn’t love you anymore is to observe their body language and pay attention to your feelings.

Most times, when things start going sour in a relationship, your gut instincts will nudge you to recognize the warning signs.

Overall, if you notice that your romantic partner ignores you, spends more time with other people, and no longer communicates their feelings with you, that’s a sign he doesn’t love you anymore.

So what can you do if you realize the love is fading in your relationship?

The most important thing you can do is talk with your partner about your concerns and let them know you’ve noticed they’ve become distant.

A good partner will tell you what went wrong and be willing to work things out to put your relationship back on track.

If you find it difficult to resolve your relationship problems, it’s wise to consult a licensed therapist who is qualified to help you improve your love life.


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