7 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Want To Marry You

7 clear signs he doesn't want to marry you

If you’ve been in a relationship with a man for more than three years and you’re starting to think that he’s not really serious with you, that’s one of the first signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

A lot of guys are not in a hurry to get married but the serious ones usually show some signs that they would likely settle down someday and start a family.

For some men, financial insecurity could be one of the main causes of delay.

How do you know your partner has plans to marry you and not just use you until he finds another distraction?

What are the clear signs that tell you he is going to marry you someday?

I’m going to give you some obvious signs you need to watch out for in your relationship.

Signs He Doesn't Want To Marry Yoy

I dated a man for more than four years before I realized that he had no plans to marry me.

I saw the early signs from the onset but I felt I was being too negative or totally paranoid so I stuck with him for four good years.

One day, it finally dawned on me that I was wasting my time, energy and love on someone who didn’t have any future with me.

The year I left him, he got engaged to some other girl and they got married a few months after.

It became clear that he never planned to marry me; he was only passing time with me.

Although I was heartbroken, I was truly happy I left him with my heart intact.

I don’t want you to go through the same situation I did. I don’t want you to waste your precious time on a man who doesn’t want you in his future.

So, I’m going to share with you 7 crystal clear signs he’s never going to marry you:


7 sign he doesn't want to marry you

1. He’s not committed to you:

One of the first signs you’ll notice in a man who doesn’t want to marry you is his lack of commitment.

He’ll have another sidekick and he’ll be too busy for you. When you ask him to commit, he’ll give you that regular lie of being scared of commitment.

A man who is serious with you won’t tell you he’s scared of committing to you.

He might say he’s not ready to tie the knot just yet but it will happen in the nearest future.

If he wants to marry you, he’ll cast all his other girlfriends aside just to be with you.

He won’t be too busy for you either; he’ll make out time every day to call or text you.

He’ll remember all your birthdays and get you a thoughtful gift even if it’s not so expensive.

He’ll fix more dates just to spend more time with you because he loves being around you.

A man who really wants to marry you will be 100% committed to you without excuses.


2. He doesn’t talk about the future

A man who has made the decision not to marry you will never talk to you about your future together.

Every time he mentions the future, he’ll probably only talk about his goals and plans concerning him; he won’t put you in the picture.

And if he doesn’t put you in the picture, it’s clear he doesn’t want you in it.

He’s just catching fun with you and when he gets bored, he’ll move on to other interesting things.

A man who wants to marry you will talk about a future for both of you.

When he’s making plans, he’ll include you in them and won’t leave you in the dark to figure out what he’s up to.

He’ll tell you about his goals and ask if you’re okay with them. In fact, he’ll want you to know his future plans so you’ll also plan accordingly.

7 signs he doesn't want to marry you

3. He doesn’t value your opinion

Another sign that shows he doesn’t want to marry you is not valuing your opinion.

If your partner never asks for your idea about something and often looks down on your opinion, he definitely doesn’t regard you as an equal.

And if he doesn’t see you as an equal, he won’t marry you.

Men value women that they respect and they will only respect you if you have something special to offer.

If you’re valuable to him, he won’t want to lose you; he’ll make sure he marries you because he knows your worth.

If your partner doesn’t value your opinion and often makes significant decisions alone without telling you, it’s pretty obvious that he’s never going to marry you.


4. You’ve never met his friends or family

If a man wants to spend his life with you, he’ll make sure all his close friends and family members know you because you’re important to him.

If it’s too early to introduce you to his parents, at least he’ll show you to his siblings.

A man who wants to marry you will not hide you; he’ll flaunt you around and show you to the people he loves the most.

If your partner has refused to introduce you to his friends or family, he’s clearly hiding you from them.

And if he’s hiding you, it can only mean that you’re not really important to him and there’s no need introducing you to his loved ones if you won’t stay for long.

7 obvious signs he doesn't want to marry you

5. He constantly abuses you

Most women don’t know that when a man truly loves a woman, he won’t want to see her hurt instead he’ll protect her with his life.

He won’t ever want to make her cry; his priority will be to always put a smile on her face.

If your man constantly abuses you physically or verbally, it means he doesn’t love you enough to settle down with you and start a family.

If he’s always hitting you, it’s obvious he doesn’t care about your well-being.

He’s still with you because you’ve shown him that you’re desperate and have nowhere else to look for love.

When he’s tired of abusing you, he’ll find someone else to bully.

6. He’s only interested in sleeping with you

This is pretty obvious, isn’t it? But some ladies don’t just get it…

They assume that if a man is coming to spend time with them at least he finds them attractive.

Whether he finds you attractive or not doesn’t mean anything if he’s not committed to you.

He can equally find a stranger attractive and have nothing else to do with her except to sleep with her.

If a man wants to be serious with you, he’ll find a reason to stay with you apart from making out with you.

He’ll be around you just because he wants to spend time with you.

He won’t mind staying with you on the couch to watch TV even if you’re not offering intimacy because you mean a lot to him.

He’s not just after your body; he’s genuinely interested in you.

But if your man only remembers you when he wants to get laid, he’s not planning to marry you.

He has someone else and he’s only keeping you for fun. Whenever he decides, he’ll stop coming to you and find someone else to play with.

7 signs he doesn't want to marry you

7. You’ve lived together for a long time

For some couples, living together signifies that their relationship is getting really serious.

It shows that their partner is willing to test what a real marriage would look like if they actually tied the knot.

But if you’ve lived with a man for more than three years and he’s not making any serious plans to tie the knot with you, he may never marry you.

If you’ve lived together for too long, he has probably gotten used to the arrangement and no longer sees any reason to have a proper wedding.

It could get worse if you have a kid or two for him.

He won’t see the necessity of getting married the right way because he has everything he wants; a wife and a child.


There are usually very clear signs he doesn’t want to marry you but you may refuse to see them if you’re deeply in love.

If you look closely though, you might spot four or five signs and that’s really bad.

If you want him to marry you, you need to first look for how to make him commit because if he’s committed to you, he’ll stay for the long haul.


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