15 Obvious Signs He Loves You When Making Love

Signs He's Making Love To You

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Lovemaking is a great way to connect deeply with someone you love, but this isn’t always the case with men.

For women, making love is all about emotional connection, vulnerability and open communication.

Men, on the other hand, are usually more focused on physical intimacy than creating intimate moments on a deeper level.

If you’re sleeping with a guy after a couple dates or a few months of dating, it may be hard to tell if he really loves you.

The truth is, a lot of guys pretend to be in love with a woman when all they’re interested in is sex, so it’s important to know where you stand with your romantic partner.

The best way to know his real feelings for you is to look out for signs he loves you during sex.

If you’re in a new relationship, it’s normal to be confused about a man’s feelings for you especially when sex is involved. 

So, how can you tell if he loves you in bed? In this post, I’m going to share some obvious signs he loves you when making love.


It’s often difficult to know if a man is making love to you or if he’s just using you for sex because both situations are similar.

A man who doesn’t love you can want you badly sexually even though he’s not in love with you.

But, there are usually subtle hints that show up when a man is passionate about you in bed.

Here are 15 crystal clear signs he loves you when making love.

1. He Looks Into Your Eyes With Passion

When a guy locks eyes with you during lovemaking and doesn’t look away, it means he wants to connect with you on a deeper level.

One of the first signs he loves you when making love is that he looks into your eyes with passion.

A man who doesn’t love you may avoid looking into your eyes and instead look at other parts of your body or different items in the room.

If he’s making lots of eye contact with you, this is a big sign that he’s being vulnerable and wants to connect with you on an emotional level.

2. He Kisses You Passionately

Kissing passionately is another way to create an intimate connection with someone.

A man who sees a sexual encounter as a one-night stand won’t bother to kiss you with passion because he’s not looking for emotional intimacy.

If your romantic partner kisses you a lot during sex, this is a good sign that he’s making love to you.

A man who doesn’t love you will often rush straight to sexual intercourse because he’s only interested in physical pleasure and his goal is to reach the finish line fast.

15 signs he loves you when making love

3. He Prolongs Foreplay And Delays Penetration

Another sign he loves you when making love is if he enjoys having slow sex with you.

Does your man engage in physical touch, sweet talk and a lot of eye contact? This is a good indicator of lovemaking!

Men who are only focused on their physical needs won’t have time to whisper sweet nothings into your ear or even bother to go the extra mile to increase your level of intimacy through prolonged foreplay.

A man who loves you deeply will gently caress your entire body to stimulate those erogenous zones that turn you on like crazy.

4. He Respects Your Body And Your Intimate Needs

How a man treats a woman he loves in bed is really important because the act of sex is sacred.

Does he squeeze your nipples harder than you like? Does he spank your butt even when you’ve told him not to?

Being aggressive and inconsiderate in bed is a clear sign that a man only cares about his own carnal pleasure and nothing else.

When a man stares at you in bed in a loving way and he treats you with absolute respect, this means that he appreciates your body.

If you’re wondering how to tell if he loves you when making love, take note of how he treats your body in bed.


5. You Feel Emotionally Connected To Him

When you’re making love, the focus is on creating a deep emotional connection with your partner, while having sex is mainly about achieving sexual satisfaction.

If you’re experiencing strong emotions during sex and you feel a special connection with your man, this is one of the biggest signs he’s making love to you.

A clear distinction between a man who doesn’t love you and a man who loves you deeply is that you will feel a deeper connection when you make love.

The absence of emotional connection means that you’re just having sex without an intimate encounter.

6. He Asks You What You Want In Bed

When a man loves you, he’ll ask you intimate questions to know what you want during sex and he’ll be eager to try new things in bed if that’s what you want.

A man who is only interested in satisfying his own sexual desires won’t bother to learn about your sexual fantasies because he’s not planning to stay for the long haul.

If your man is asking you sexual questions about your own pleasure, this is a sure sign that he’s trying to create a real connection with you and he’s not using you for casual sex.

7. He Pays Attention To Your Body Language

There is a huge difference between making love and having sex. Love and lust are not the same thing!

A clear sign he is making love to you is when he pays attention to your sexual needs as well as your emotional needs.

Little things like observing your facial expressions, engaging in dirty talk and changing an uncomfortable sexual position are all different ways a good man shows love to his woman.

A man who loves you won’t insist on doing doggy style when he knows that you find it painful or less romantic.

If he pays much attention to your body language during lovemaking, that’s a good sign he loves you deeply and wants you to have a great sexual experience.

How to tell if he loves you in bed

8. He Makes Extra Effort To Please You In Bed

Another clear sign he enjoys making love to you is his desire to please you in bed.

When a man is using you for sex, he won’t make much effort to satisfy you in bed because he only cares about getting laid and achieving sexual satisfaction.

On the other hand, a man who loves you will care about your pleasure and sexual satisfaction as much as his own. He won’t be selfish or overly demanding in bed.

If you say you like being tickled behind your ears or that you really enjoy oral sex, he’ll take note of it and try to do it every time you make love because he genuinely loves you.

9. He Doesn’t Body Shame You In Any Way

When you love someone, you look beyond their flaws and accept them just the way they are.

One huge red flag a guy is only interested in sex is that he’ll body shame you and verbally abuse you every chance he gets.

If a man body shames you in bed in the name of making you a better person, that’s emotional abuse and not real love.

One of the evident signs of true love is total acceptance from a romantic partner.

If your man accepts you, adores your body and treats it with respect, that’s a sign that he really loves you.

10. You Feel Loved And Wanted By Him

How do you feel before, during and after making love to your man? Do you have positive emotions that make you feel loved and wanted?

Lovemaking doesn’t begin with physical contact for couples who are in love with each other.

When a man only chases you in the bedroom, this is a sign that he’s just after sex.

But, if your man calls regularly and sends you romantic text messages during the day even when he knows he might not see you soon, that’s a great sign that he truly loves you.


11. He Shows You His Vulnerable Side

Being vulnerable and emotional during lovemaking leads to an increased level of connection for both lovers involved.

Couples can only connect when they let their guard down and trust each other enough to be completely open during sex.

Men know how to hide their true nature in bed when they don’t love a woman and they do this so they don’t get emotionally connected to someone.

If your man shows his vulnerable side by letting you see his facial expressions or allowing you to hear his groans, there is a good chance that he’s in love with you.

Signs he loves you when making love

12. He Says “I Love You” During Sex

Good communication is the key to a healthy romantic relationship. Couples who communicate freely are more likely to have all their needs met than those who don’t.

Expressing your feelings in bed is really important for building a strong relationship with your partner and this works best when it’s mutual.

It’s easy for women to express their love in bed but men often don’t like getting emotional unless they’re deeply in love.

If your man whispers sweet things in your ear like “I love you” or “You’re beautiful”, this is a good sign that he loves you.

13. He’s Not Aggressive Or Forceful In Bed

Sexual tension can make a man do anything if he doesn’t have self-control.

A man who doesn’t love a woman can use aggression or violence in bed just because he wants to satisfy his sexual urges.

If he tries to force you into any sexual activities that you don’t enjoy, this means he doesn’t care about your feelings and he’s obviously just using you for sex.

Someone who loves you will never force you to have sex with him because he respects your boundaries.

One of the clear signs he loves you in bed is that he won’t force you into anything you don’t want to do.

14. You Both Achieve Sexual Satisfaction

Most women achieve orgasm with a man who loves them enough to make the effort to satisfy them in bed.

When you’re having sex with a man who doesn’t love you, he won’t be concerned about helping you achieve orgasm and he’ll always leave you unsatisfied.

But, if you’re with a man who loves you deeply, he’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied and happy.

He may try different sexual positions or even use sex toys during lovemaking if he knows it will aid you in achieving an orgasm faster.

One of the most obvious signs he loves you deeply in bed is that he’ll make sure you both achieve sexual satisfaction every time you make love.

15. He Cuddles With You After Lovemaking

Another big sign a man loves you in bed is when he cuddles with you after lovemaking instead of rushing off to somewhere or rolling over to drift off into a deep sleep.

Does your man love to cuddle after making love to you? This is how to tell if he loves you in bed.

A man who only wants to have great sex with you won’t spend time with you cuddling afterwards because he’s avoiding creating any emotional connection with you.

If he’s spending time with you or engaging in pillow talk after love making, this means he’s making an extra effort to connect with you in a romantic environment because he wants to be in your life for a long time.

15 Obvious Signs He Loves You During Sex

I’ve given you 15 obvious signs he loves you when making love and you can easily notice them if you pay attention during lovemaking.

The key difference between romantic relationships and sexual relationships is the presence of deep emotional connection in your sex life.

Couples who love each other deeply are more concerned about passionate love than physical connection.

When you’re in love, sex isn’t just a physical act for you; it’s an intimate act that fosters deep connection between you and your partner.

If you’re dating someone new and you’re intimately involved with him, watch out for some definite signs he loves you when making love. 

Making eye contact, kissing passionately and prolonged foreplay are the top signs he’s making love to you.

When a man likes you, he’ll show it outside the bedroom and if he’s deeply in love with you, he’ll show it in bed too!


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