10 Sure Signs He Won’t Cheat Again

Signs he won't cheat again

Have you been betrayed by your partner before? Maybe he hurt you badly when he cheated on you and the pain is still there.

But he seems different now. He’s remorseful, attentive, and has promised to change. You want to believe it’s true, that he won’t stray again.

But how can you know for sure? What signs should you look for to feel confident he’s left his cheating ways behind? I understand your plight!

Your heart wants to trust your partner but your head says you need to protect yourself.

In this article, we’ll walk through some ways to discern if your man has genuinely seen the error of his ways or if it’s just an act.

There are subtle clues that signal if someone has truly transformed. Keep reading to find out if it’s okay to give him another chance and open your heart again.


Rebuilding trust after infidelity is a complex process and depends largely on the actions and attitudes of the person who cheated.

There are certain things a cheating partner must do to let you know that they’ve changed and won’t make the same mistake in the future.

If you’re not sure your man is committed to staying faithful, here are telltale signs he won’t cheat again:

1. He’s open and transparent with you

A big sign a man is serious about changing his ways and won’t cheat again is that he’s completely transparent with you.

For example, he goes out of his way to be open and honest with you. He answers all your questions fully and truthfully.

He tells you where he’s been and who he’s with without you having to ask. He also gives you access to his phone and laptop to prove he has nothing to hide.

Transparency builds trust. By being an open book, he shows you his commitment to building a healthy relationship based on honesty and faithfulness.

If your partner is vague or defensive in his answers, makes excuses for his whereabouts, or refuses to share access to devices, it means he hasn’t changed at all and would likely hurt you again.

Look for other signs he’s turned over a new leaf like cutting ties with old flames, avoiding tempting situations, and making your relationship a higher priority.

Openness and honesty are the foundation of a healthy relationship.

If your man is genuinely devoted to you, he’ll go the extra mile to reassure you with his transparency and earn back your trust.

igns he won't cheat again

2. He shows genuine remorse for his actions

Is your man genuinely remorseful for his actions? Has he apologized sincerely and taken full responsibility for what he did?

When a man is truly sorry for cheating, his actions will show it. Here are some things a man will do if he won’t cheat again:

He’ll openly admit he made a mistake and take responsibility for his actions. No excuses or blaming you.

He’ll answer any questions you have honestly and without defensiveness. He wants to regain your trust, so he’ll be an open book.

He’ll express regret for the pain he caused you. He’ll say he understands why you felt hurt and betrayed, and that he never wants to put you through that again.

He’ll commit to making things right. He’ll ask what he can do to make you feel secure in the relationship again. Whether it’s being transparent about his whereabouts or checking in more often, he’ll follow through.

He’ll take steps to avoid repeating his mistake. This could mean cutting off contact with the other woman, being more open with his communication, or even going for relationship counseling. This shows he’s willing to put in the work.

If your man seems genuinely sorry, tells you the whole truth, and is committed to doing whatever it takes to rebuild trust, there’s a good chance he’s changed and ready for a faithful relationship.

3. He has completely cut off contact with his affair partner

A clear sign a man has changed his ways and won’t cheat again is that he has severed all ties with the person he cheated on you with.

Has he stopped calling, texting, emailing, and meeting up with his former fling?

If so, that’s a good indicator he wants to make your relationship work and avoid temptation.

Cutting off an affair partner cold turkey requires discipline and commitment to you.

It may have been difficult for him, but he realized continuing any kind of relationship with that person would damage the trust and intimacy he’s trying to rebuild with you.

By ending all communication, he’s pledging his devotion to you and your relationship. And that’s a really good sign!

However, you need to take this with a grain of salt. Your man could just be telling you he cut things off to appease you, while secretly remaining in contact with his affair partner.

Monitor his behavior and watch for any suspicious signs he may be lying about breaking it off for good.

But if after an honest conversation you feel confident he has sincerely moved on from that chapter, it’s a positive sign he’s willing to do whatever it takes to change.

igns he won't cheat again

4. He’s actively seeking help from a counselor or therapist

Another sure sign he won’t cheat again is that he’s willing to go for counseling to fix your relationship.

A man who is truly committed to change will seek professional help to address the underlying issues that led to his infidelity.

Meeting with a counselor or therapist shows he wants to understand the root cause of his actions and make sure he has the tools and strategies to build a healthy relationship going forward.

Speaking with a professional can help uncover things like intimacy issues, communication problems, or unhealthy views about relationships that contributed to his cheating.

A counselor will also challenge him to confront uncomfortable truths about himself and give him advice for overcoming those hurdles.

They can teach skills for managing conflict, expressing emotions in a healthy way, and maintaining appropriate boundaries.

The fact that your man is putting in the effort to get real help speaks volumes about his sincerity.

Past mistakes can be hard to face, but seeking counseling demonstrates he’s willing to do the difficult work required to become faithful and trustworthy again.

With time and continued progress, his commitment to self-improvement can help rebuild your confidence in the relationship.

Of course, counseling only works if he’s fully honest, open to feedback, and willing to make real changes based on what he learns.

If you notice he’s avoiding the hard questions or not following through on suggestions, that could indicate he’s not serious about self-reflection and personal growth.

But when done right, seeking professional help can be one of the best signs he’s changing for the better.

5. He’s working to rebuild trust in the relationship

A cheater who has truly changed and is ready to stay faithful will go the extra mile to regain your trust.

He’ll be fully transparent, honest, and accountable for his actions.

He’ll give you access to his devices and accounts without question because he wants you to see he has nothing to hide.

He’ll check in frequently and be open about his whereabouts and plans. If he says he’ll be home at 6 pm, he’ll walk through the door at 6 pm on the dot.

He’ll understand you need reassurance and will patiently answer any questions you have about the affair or his day.

He’ll also take responsibility for hurting you and your relationship. You’ll hear sincere apologies and see real remorse in his words and actions.

Rebuilding trust is a long road, but if your man is willing to put in the work to make you feel secure again, that’s a sign he’s committed to change and will likely never cheat again.

His effort and honesty in winning back your confidence means the chances of another betrayal are slim.

A reformed cheater on the path to change will value your faith in him above all else and won’t do anything to jeopardize your newfound connection.

6. He’s focused on improving your relationship

A major sign a man won’t cheat again is that he’s taking active steps to repair your relationship.

For example, he makes an effort to communicate better. He actively listens when you speak, asks questions to understand your perspective, and shares how he feels as well.

He’s willing to have meaningful conversations about your relationship and what you both want.

He’s also more affectionate and attentive. He holds your hand, gives you hugs, compliments you, and makes you feel desired.

If your man takes active steps to improve your relationship, like planning dates, expressing his love, and being attentive to your needs, that’s a sign he’s committed to staying faithful.

These actions show he’s serious about strengthening your bond and building trust again.

He’s not just saying he won’t cheat, he’s proving it through his actions and behavior each day.

The changes are noticeable in how he treats you with care, respect, and thoughtfulness.

While there’s still work ahead, his commitment to improving how you connect and relate is a positive sign he’s changed.

The effort he’s putting in and the actions he’s taking are what really matter in moving forward from the infidelity.

If he’s willing to put in the effort to nourish your relationship, that demonstrates his sincerity in becoming faithful and loyal to you.

igns he won't cheat again

7. He’s willing to discuss issues openly and honestly

One of the biggest signs he won’t cheat again is if he’s willing to have open, honest conversations with you about relationship issues, concerns, feelings, desires, and expectations.

If a man is truly changed, he’ll want to build trust through transparency and communication.

Here are some key things to look for:

He brings up difficult topics on his own and wants to talk through things.

He listens without defensiveness when you express worries or insecurities.

He answers your questions honestly and thoroughly.

He shares details about his life, friends, job, and daily activities freely.

He admits when he’s wrong and says he’s sorry sincerely.

He’s open to talking about intimacy and finding ways to spice up your love life. 

A man who has transformed from his cheating ways will understand that secrecy and lack of communication were part of the problem before.

Now, he’ll go out of his way to be an open book and create an environment where you feel comfortable opening up in return.

Through many honest conversations, you’ll gain reassurance that he’s committed to faithfulness and building a healthy, trusting relationship.

While it will take time, if your man is genuinely willing to discuss hard issues, answer your questions, and be transparent, that’s a very good sign he’s changed and ready to make your relationship a top priority.

When the communication lines are open, it means the foundation for a strong, long-term relationship has been established.

8. You’ve noticed a positive change in his behavior

An obvious sign a man won’t cheat again is that his behavior is changing positively.

For instance, he’s starting to be straightforward and sincere with you. If your partner is truly sorry for cheating, he’ll want to rebuild trust by being fully transparent.

Watch out for the following positive signs:

He messages or calls to check in more often and shares details about where he is and who he’s with. Once he closes from work, he comes straight home instead of hanging out with his friends.

He’s attentive and affectionate. If he’s actively trying to make the relationship work, he’ll show you through his actions. Look for signs like frequent compliments, random hugs, holding hands, and acts of service like giving you a massage or cooking your favorite meal.

He takes responsibility for his mistakes. Rather than blaming external factors for the cheating, he sincerely apologizes and acknowledges why his actions were wrong. He doesn’t make excuses or justify what he did.

He’s willing to make sacrifices to earn back your trust. For example, he offers to cut off contact with anyone involved in the cheating or gives you full access to his phone and social media accounts. This shows he’s making you a priority in his life again.

The path to rebuilding trust won’t be easy, but if you see these positive changes in your man’s behavior, that’s a good indicator he’s willing to put in the effort to make things right and build a better relationship with you.

With time and consistency, you’ll gain confidence that he’s changed for good.

9. He’s consistent in his words and actions

A man who has truly changed will show you through his actions. His words and behaviors will align, and he’ll follow through on what he says.

Has your partner been open, honest, and transparent? Is he sincere in his communication with you?

Consistency and sincerity are signs he has grown and won’t repeat past mistakes.

Watch how he responds to challenges or difficulties. Does he remain calm and thoughtful? Or does he revert to hurtful behaviors?

A reformed cheater will handle obstacles in a mature manner. Pay attention to the little things.

If he puts his phone face up, shares his location with you, and willingly answers your questions, it means he’s trying to rebuild trust through small, everyday actions.

But, the real test is time. As months go by, his sincerity and transparency should remain steady if he’s truly changed.

Past actions don’t define a person. But present actions reveal one’s character. Look for consistency between his words and deeds.

If he continues to be sincere and straightforward, it shows his willingness to become and remain that honest, devoted partner you deserve.

Signs he won't cheat again

10. He respects new boundaries or rules you’ve set up

When a man has truly changed, he will understand why you feel the need to establish some new ground rules and will respect whatever boundaries you put in place.

For example, he’ll give you access to his phone and accounts without complaint. He has nothing to hide and wants to be fully transparent.

He’ll check in with you and let you know his whereabouts. He understands you need reassurance and is happy to provide it.

He’ll avoid inappropriate contact or behavior with other women. He recognizes how this type of interaction damaged your trust before and goes out of his way to avoid it now.

He’ll also make an effort to show you affection and prioritize quality time together. His actions demonstrate that you are a top priority in his life.

While rebuilding trust will take time, the willingness to accept whatever rules or boundaries make you feel secure again is a sign he is committed to change.

His respect for your needs and the relationship reflects a shift in mindset and priorities.

As long as these new ground rules are mutually agreed upon and not a means of control, they can be an effective way to strengthen intimacy and provide the safety you need to let your guard down again.


If you’ve been looking for signs that your man has genuinely changed and is ready to be loyal and committed to you, watch his behavior closely.

Being truly remorseful comes down to consistent actions over time—not just words, but walking the walk.

Ultimately, you have to listen to your gut. If your intuition is picking up on red flags or you don’t fully trust your man yet, don’t ignore those feelings.

Give it more time. He needs to gradually earn back your trust so don’t be in a hurry to pick up where you left off.

We all make mistakes, but what matters is how we learn and grow.

If you see that real growth in your partner, you can start to open your heart again. Just make sure he’s matching your effort, every step of the way.


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