7 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back

signs your ex is never coming back

Your relationship ended a while ago and your ex said it was over between you, but you’re still hoping that you might get back together someday.

While it’s possible that they may not be over you yet, it’s important to know when someone is no longer interested in you so you can let go.

In this article, we discuss a few key signs that show your ex has moved on and will never come back.

Keep reading to find out if you should continue waiting or start dating other people.


If you recently broke up with your romantic partner, you’ve probably been waiting by the phone hoping for them to contact you, but deep down you know it might not happen.

The sad truth is, some relationships just aren’t meant to be. Here are some clear signs your ex is never coming back and how to deal with it:

1. They have cut off all contact with you

If your ex has completely stopped responding to your calls, texts, and messages on social media, it’s a pretty clear sign they have moved on for good.

When someone cuts off contact, it means they no longer want you in their life in any capacity.

Radio silence can be deafening, but try not to take it personally. As painful as it is, use this time to start the process of moving on yourself. The less you reach out, the sooner those urges will fade.

If you’ve been blocked on all social media platforms, the message couldn’t be more obvious. Your ex wants nothing to do with you and is making sure you get the hint.

Don’t create fake profiles to stalk them or beg mutual friends for updates. This will only make you seem desperate and clingy.

Accept that no contact is a form of closure in itself. Start redirecting your energy into self-care, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, and pursuing new hobbies or interests.

Seeing your ex looking happy and living their best life without you on social media can be a special kind of torture.

But the silver lining is that their posts prove the relationship is truly over, even if you were still holding onto a shred of hope.

Rather than obsessing over their pictures or updates, unfollow or mute them. What you don’t know can’t continue to hurt you.

Take a break from social media and focus on healing. The more you work on yourself, the less their rejection will sting. 

signs your ex is never coming back

2. They’ve returned your belongings

Has that box of your stuff shown up on your doorstep yet? If so, that’s a pretty clear sign your ex has closed the door on your relationship.

Returning belongings is a way of cutting ties by removing reminders of the past you shared.

When an ex goes out of their way to pack up everything that reminds them of you and sends them back, it’s a message.

And that message is: “I want no part of anything that connects me to you.”

Of course, some exes simply see returning belongings as the decent, respectful thing to do. But more often than not, a full purge of you from their life signals the end.

The truth hurts, but know this: exes who have truly closed the door don’t look back. Don’t waste time hoping they’ll come around or change their mind.

As painful as it is, use this sign to pick up the pieces of your dignity, and work on creating a new and improved version of you.

3. Your ex never reaches out to you

When an ex stops contacting you, it’s usually a clear sign they have moved on for good.

If your ex never calls, texts, or messages you anymore, even just to say “hi”, it’s likely they want nothing more to do with the relationship.

Think about it—in today’s world of constant connectivity, it takes almost zero effort to send a quick text or DM.

If your ex can’t even muster that, they are not thinking about you or the relationship you once shared.

While it may hurt to accept, use their silence as closure and work on moving forward. The more time passes without contact, the less likely they are to ever reach out again.

Their silence shows they are content keeping you firmly in their past. Though it can be tempting, resist the urge to contact them yourself.

Re-opening lines of communication when they clearly want distance will only lead to more pain for you and push them away further.

Ultimately, you deserve someone who wants to share their life with you, not cut you out of it.

Use this time to reconnect with friends who truly care about you, pursue activities you enjoy, and work on improving yourself.

Moving on from an ex is difficult, but by filling your life with people and things that fulfill you, their absence will hurt less and less over time.

signs your ex is never coming back

4. They don’t seem interested when you run into each other

Has it happened yet? That awkward moment when you bump into your ex in public for the first time since the breakup.

If they don’t seem fazed or excited to see you, that’s a major sign they have moved on.

When you run into each other, does your ex avoid eye contact or mumble a quick “hi” before rushing off? Do they seem completely indifferent to your presence?

This behavior shows they don’t feel that spark or chemistry anymore. The connection you once shared has fizzled out.

Even if the breakup was mutual or you did the dumping, most people feel at least a twinge of awkwardness or nostalgia seeing an ex again.

If your former flame acts like you’re just another face in the crowd, it’s a clear sign they have closed that chapter of their life for good.

The chemistry and attachment you build with someone throughout a relationship don’t just disappear overnight.

The fact that your ex seems unfazed by you proves their feelings have faded completely.

They have grown distant enough to be detached from the emotional ups and downs you shared.

As painful as it is, their indifference is a gift. It allows you to see the truth—that the relationship is over—so you can accept it and begin moving on.

Don’t dwell on their behavior or try to rekindle something that’s no longer there. Wish them well and walk away with your head held high.

5. They don’t ask your friends or family about you

A big sign your ex has truly moved on and is never coming back is that they stop asking your loved ones about you.

While you were together, your ex probably got to know your friends and family. They may have even formed their own connections and bonds with them.

However, once the relationship ends and your ex is over it for good, those lines of communication may come to an end.

If it’s been months since the breakup and your ex hasn’t asked your best friend how you’re doing or what you’ve been up to lately, that’s a clear sign they’ve accepted the end of the relationship.

When an ex still has feelings for you, they look for ways to stay connected to you, even if indirectly.

Reaching out to friends or family members to get information about your life is one way exes cling to the past.

So if your ex seems to have disappeared from the lives of people close to you, don’t expect them to come knocking on your door with apologies or a request to give things another shot.

Their lack of interest in your life now likely means they’re forging ahead into a new chapter that doesn’t involve you.

While you may still be hurting, try to take comfort in knowing that the uncertainty and mixed messages have finally come to an end.

Now you can work on rebuilding your life without looking over your shoulder, wondering if your ex is going to pop up when you least expect it.

signs your ex is never coming back

6. Your ex has started dating again

If your ex has moved on to someone new, it’s a pretty clear sign they don’t intend on coming back.

When an ex jumps into a new relationship quickly after a breakup, it often means they are already emotionally detached from the relationship and ready to move on.

They likely aren’t sitting around longing for you or hoping for a reconciliation.

Rather than remaining single for a while or taking time to process the breakup, they dove straight into a rebound relationship.

The speed with which they found someone new suggests they were eager to find a replacement for you, not that they’re hoping to eventually get back together.

People who move on this fast usually do so as an avoidance mechanism, using a new partner as a distraction from the pain of the breakup and their lingering feelings.

It may sting to see your ex with someone else but try not to take it personally.

The healthiest thing you can do is accept the end of your relationship and start the process of moving on.

Rather than monitoring your ex’s social media or driving by their place to see if their new partner’s car is there, shift your focus inward.

Connecting with supportive friends, engaging in meaningful hobbies, and pursuing self-improvement are all great ways to begin healing and open yourself up to finding a healthier relationship. 

Though it will be difficult, know that this painful chapter will pass. Your ex may have moved on quickly, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

Take your time, process the breakup, and work on being your best self.

7. They don’t care if you’re seeing someone new

One of the clearest signs your ex has moved on is if your love life no longer interests them.

For example, when you start dating someone new, they won’t bother to call or text to ask how it’s going or check if you’re happy.

The truth is, they don’t really care either way. Your romantic entanglements are no longer their concern or business.

This indifference is a sure sign the relationship is over for good. When you truly care for someone, you can’t help but feel something about their dating life.

The fact that your ex has zero reaction shows how disconnected they feel.

The emotional ties have been severed, and in their mind, you’re just another person living their life.

If your ex was the jealous type, their lack of concern over your new partner speaks volumes.

While you were together, they obsessed over any potential rivals and constantly questioned your fidelity.

Now they can’t even muster an ounce of possessiveness. They’ve completely let go of you.

They don’t drive by your place to see if there are any unfamiliar cars outside or stalk your social media to monitor your dating life.

You’ve become a stranger to them and they don’t care if you’re seeing someone else.

By not reacting to your new relationship, your ex is setting you free in a way. Their indifference allows you to pursue whomever you want without restraints.

While it may sting that they seem so detached, view it as an opportunity to build a healthy relationship with someone new.


You know deep down if your ex is really gone for good.

When the signs are all there—they’ve moved on, don’t communicate, and show no interest in reconciling—it’s time to accept it’s over.

As hard as it is, looking forward instead of back is the healthiest thing to do.

Surround yourself with people who build you up, try new things that make you happy, and work on becoming a better version of yourself.

Though it hurts now, you’ll get through the breakup eventually. Stay strong and avoid isolating yourself from others. 


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