10 Clear Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Guy

10 signs you're dating the wrong guy

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Do you know the signs you’re dating the wrong guy?

It’s so easy to hear women say “I’m in a relationship” even when it’s an abusive or unhealthy one. If you’re in this kind of situation, you’re not alone!

A lot of people love the status of being in a relationship even if they’re with the wrong person and they prefer to be unhappy in a bad relationship rather than being single and happy.

I understand that being without a boyfriend can be lonely and depressing but you don’t have to stay with someone who isn’t right for you.

In fact, the longer you stay in an unhealthy relationship, the longer it will take to find your soulmate.

Some ladies derive joy in telling their friends that they have “a new guy” even when he may not be the right choice for them.

They endure abuse and violence from a guy because they’re afraid that they may never find another man who would take care of them. It’s okay if you feel this way too!

Everyone feels insecure occasionally but the ability to believe and trust in one’s self instead of worrying over everything is all that matters.

The truth is, being with the wrong guy is going to delay your soulmate from locating you, so it’s best to leave a bad partner and open yourself up to a better guy.

Plus, when you stay in a toxic relationship for a long time, it can negatively affect your mental health and physical well-being.

So how can you tell if the guy you’re currently dating is wrong for you?

You’re going to see a lot of red flags and warning signs when you’re in a bad relationship.

The best way to know if you’re with the wrong guy is to notice how you feel each time you’re around him.

It’s important to observe your feelings because the right attention from the wrong guy can fool you into thinking he might be the one.

If you feel safe, loved, and happy when you’re with your boyfriend, it means he’s the right person for you.

However, if you feel sad, anxious, or afraid when you’re with your guy, that’s a huge sign he’s not the perfect match for you.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 clear signs you’re dating the wrong guy.


If you see these signs in your relationship, it means your partner is not the right one for you and it’s okay to break up with him.

1. He has another girlfriend

Going into a relationship with someone who has a girlfriend is clearly asking for heartbreak in the nearest future.

If a guy is serious about dating you, he would break off all forms of contact with the present girl he’s seeing so that he can be with you. 

But when he’s reluctant to let her go, chances are that he is still very much in love with her and only wants you as a side chick.

Initially, you may find it exciting that he’s keeping you around but when he leaves you without even a glance, your heart will be shattered.

My advice is to let him go if he’s already taken and if he’s truly yours, he’ll come back.

There is no need to waste your time and energy on a guy who will never love you the way you deserve.

If he’s not ready to commit to a serious relationship with you, you’re better off without him.

10 signs you're dating the wrong guy

2. You have absolutely nothing in common

Many people say “opposites attract”, but is it really true? And does it apply to everyone?

If you and your partner can’t do anything together because you have nothing in common, you’ll end up stuck in a boring relationship.

In a healthy relationship, couples have shared interests and goals that keep them close to each other.

When you’re not compatible in any way, you’ll find it hard to bond with your partner.

While it’s normal for a couple to have diverse beliefs about things and different hobbies, true companionship comes when one or both of you can compromise from time to time.

For example, if your guy is obsessed with football or video games, he should be willing to abandon his favorite activities occasionally to make you happy.

Even if it means watching a couple of romantic movies all night, a guy who loves you will be interested in exploring your hobbies with you and you should be okay with trying out some of his hobbies too.

However, if no one wants to compromise for the other in a relationship and you both have nothing in common, what’s the essence of being together? It’s a sure waste of time.


3. He keeps telling you he’s scared of commitment

Now, that’s one comment that will make me dump a guy faster than a hot cup of coffee.

A guy who really likes you and wants to be with you will be willing to work through any emotional baggage or childhood trauma he has so he can keep you in his life.

Even when he isn’t financially stable, he’ll ask you to wait for him because he can’t imagine life without you.

However, if a guy keeps telling you he’s afraid of commitment, he’s obviously not ready to have a serious relationship with you and that’s a big red flag.

It could only mean one thing; he’s looking for flimsy excuses to not be committed to you or he’s already committed to someone else.

A guy who doesn’t want to commit to a real relationship with you isn’t the right person for you, especially if you’re looking for a life partner.


10 signs you're dating the wrong guy

4. He only wants to sleep with you

A guy who wouldn’t walk the streets with you or show you off to his friends but will hurriedly jump under the sheets with you is not worthy of your love.

You’re only an entertainment center for him and he’ll dump you when he gets bored with you or finds someone else to have fun with.

When you visit a guy and the first thing he does is undress you, that’s a clear sign he’s only using you for his personal gain.

He’s only interested in getting intimate with you and will never commit to a real relationship no matter how long he sleeps with you.

A guy who wants to build a long-term relationship with you will take you out on real dates, ask you personal questions about your life, and introduce you to his close friends.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t create time for other important things except getting laid, he’s definitely the wrong guy for you.

5. Your communication level is zero

Good communication is essential in every romantic relationship and it’s one of the most important aspects of building a thriving love life with someone special.

If you and your boyfriend never sit down together to talk and laugh about issues, then the relationship is already doomed because you’ll find it difficult to increase your bond.

When you’re dating the right guy, you should be able to talk about anything without fear of criticism or judgment from your partner.

This means you can discuss relationship problems as a couple, have meaningful conversations regularly, and bring up any concerns you may have in your life.

However, when you’re in the wrong relationship, you’ll struggle to communicate with each other or resolve conflicts as a team.

Poor communication often leads to unhappiness, big fights, and eventually separation. It’s important to be with someone you can talk to openly and freely.

6. He’s too busy for you

When a man cares about a woman, he makes out time to be with her, and no matter how busy he is, he’ll call or text her on a regular basis.

He would always remember her birthday or any other important occasion they planned together.

If your guy forgets to call or text you occasionally, it’s not a cause for concern.

However, when it becomes a habit for him to claim to be so busy that he rarely has time for you, chances are that you’re not at the top of his priority list.

In fact, it could mean that he doesn’t take you seriously. When a guy values you, he’ll create time for you out of his busy schedule and keep in touch throughout the day.

And you won’t have to wonder if he’s interested in you or if he really likes you because he’ll show it in his words and actions.

Dating the wrong guy signs

7. He hits you repeatedly

Any man who hits a woman for whatever reason is not worthy of her love and affection.

Yes, some women can be stubborn in relationships, but the ability of a man to handle a difficult woman maturely makes him a responsible man.

If a guy hits you or abuses you in a relationship, please find a way to get out of his life.

He doesn’t deserve you and will never become the kind of partner you need.

When you attempt to leave a guy, he’ll likely beg you and promise to change.

However, if you accept him back, he’ll just resume the punching. Save yourself the trauma and leave an abusive man.

It’s better to stay single and happy than to remain in a toxic relationship with a man who doesn’t love you.

If you die tomorrow due to the beatings you receive from him, he’ll likely date and even marry someone else.

You deserve to enjoy a healthy, loving relationship so value yourself and make the right decision your future self will be proud of.

8. He doesn’t make you feel happy

If you’re dating a guy who doesn’t make you feel happy or loved, staying with him is not the best option for you.

Maybe he showers you with lots of money and expensive gifts, but amidst all that you still find yourself unhappy, you’ll be better off without him.

I know your happiness shouldn’t depend on a man. But if being with him doesn’t make you happy in any way, find someone else who can brighten your world.

A romantic relationship isn’t meant to be endured and love shouldn’t be painful. If you’re unhappy with a man, it’s not worth it.

9. He obviously has no future

Some girls find themselves falling head over heels in love with bad guys who have no potential or anything valuable to offer them.

It’s okay to be with a guy who isn’t financially stable yet but has a plan to build a solid future for himself and his life partner.

However, if you’re dating a man who deals in drugs or steals money for a living, that’s a huge red flag you’re with the wrong person.

Don’t even think of changing him because you might never achieve that and he could get you into a lot of trouble.

The easier route will be to run for your life and never look back.

10 signs you're dating the wrong guy

10. He flirts openly with other girls

A man who respects and cherishes his woman will never flirt with other girls or think of cheating when he’s in a serious relationship.

He will try his best to be committed and loyal to his girl because he has everything he needs in her.

If your partner checks out other women in your presence or cheats on you repeatedly, it’s obvious that he doesn’t care about your feelings and isn’t ready to be committed to you.

He is too busy searching for other girls to play with while you’re doing everything you can to impress him and make him love you.

Show him you value yourself and won’t settle for less by ending the relationship.

Don’t stay with a guy who doesn’t respect you enough to stay faithful to you. You deserve so much better than a cheater!


When you’re in the wrong relationship, a lot of signs will pop up to warn you but most women ignore these red flags because they’re afraid of being alone.

Ironically, if you remain with a partner who isn’t right for you, you’ll be unable to attract a good man into your life.

The best way to find your dream partner is to first end a toxic relationship and to believe that you will find someone way better than your ex; a man who will be undeniably right for you.

When you believe that you deserve to be loved, you will attract your true love at the appropriate time.

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