9 Things You Should Never Tell Your Friends About Your Man

things you should never tell your friends

Do you have close friends with whom you share everything? It’s good to have an inner circle you can turn to in your darkest times.

However, it’s not healthy to reveal intimate details of your relationship to other people, especially if your partner is a private person.

When you’re in a serious relationship with a man, there are certain things you should never tell your friends about him.

No matter, how close you are to your girlfriends, avoid using your partner as a topic of discussion.

For most people, talking behind your partner’s back can be considered cheating or a breach of trust, so it’s important to be careful what you share with your social circle.

If you’re not sure about the things to keep private about your love life, this article will reveal some sensitive topics to avoid discussing with your friends.


Men don’t like it when their women gossip about them to their friends.

If you’re part of a clique, here are some things you should never tell your friends about your man:

1. His opinions about them

It’s normal to have a conflict of interest when you’re in a committed relationship and a solid friendship at the same time.

However, your romantic partner should always come before your friends, especially if you’re going to build a life with him in the future.

When your significant other expresses his real feelings about your friends, it’s not wise to tell them what he said unless he wants you to.

If you reveal your man’s opinions about your friends to them, they may secretly begin to resent him and try to sabotage your relationship without your knowledge.

things you should never tell your friends

2. His favorite things

Do you know the things your man enjoys and can’t get enough of?

Maybe he loves eating a local dish or derives pleasure in reading a particular genre of literature.

Try to keep that information to yourself because you’re the only one who should know what makes your man happy.

And you wouldn’t want someone else to know the things your man likes and how he feels when you get him something he loves.

It’s important to keep this a secret because one of your friends could use it and secretly lure your man to herself.

Even though you trust your friends with all your heart, don’t reveal your man’s favorite things to them since that’s the key to his heart.

Some people may argue that if your man truly loves you, he’ll never stray.

But it’s a good idea to lower the risk of infidelity and cover up the loopholes by not sharing intimate details of your man with your girlfriends.

3. His past life

Everyone has a past life that they may not be comfortable sharing with other people.

For example, if someone was arrested for a crime and put in jail for a couple of months, they’ll want to keep it secret for the rest of their lives to avoid discrimination.

Or if they used to stutter badly as a child, talking about it could bring back feelings of shame, rejection, and insecurity.

So it’s wise to not talk about your man’s past with your friends, especially if there are a few embarrassing details he doesn’t want anyone to know.

4. His upcoming projects

There is a popular quote that says, “Never reveal your love life, your bank balance, and your next move”.

If your man is working on a project, don’t tell your friends about it until it’s complete.

This is because when you speak about something too early, you risk sabotaging it or attracting negative energy.

Not everyone will be happy about your success or progress in life, so avoid sharing your man’s secret plans with other people.

It’s okay to talk about your future goals and dreams with your friends, but if something is currently unfolding, don’t tell anyone about it until the process is over.

Keeping things private in your relationship can ensure their success and minimize embarrassment if they fail.

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things you should never tell your friends

5. The amount of money he’s making

Another thing you should never tell your friends about your man is his current income.

Men are very protective of their private lives, especially when it comes to finances.

They don’t want other people to know their overall income or net worth, so it’s inappropriate for you to tell your friend the exact amount of money your man takes home.

Whether he’s bringing home $3,000 or $10,000 a month, don’t share his financial status with anyone including your friends and family.

If he permits you to share this sensitive information, that’s okay.

But if he’s a private person who wouldn’t want you telling his business to other people, you’ll risk breaking his trust and destroying your relationship if you can’t keep things to yourself.

6. His performance in the bedroom

Many women like to brag about their man’s amazing performance in bed to their friends but this is childish behavior.

Your intimate life should stay private because it’s nobody’s business.

Whether your man has a hot body or is a pro at lovemaking, you don’t need to inform your friends about it.

Telling your friends about your guy’s spectacular skills in the bedroom can create feelings of jealousy and curiosity among your friends, which might lead to infidelity.

If you don’t want to catch any of your girlfriends seducing your man or sleeping with him, try to keep your intimate life private and enjoy your man alone.

Moreover, if your man knows you’re talking about his performance in bed with your inner circle, he might get pissed and even feel awkward around your friends.

Some men may not mind you talking about your intimate life in a positive way.

In fact, it could give them an ego boost to know that you’re bragging about the last lovemaking session you had with them.

However, if your guy seems to be the shy and private type, you’ll make him feel embarrassed or uncomfortable if you share his intimate life with your friends.

7. His weaknesses and shortcomings

Some men don’t like to get vulnerable or communicate openly with a woman because they don’t trust her to keep her mouth shut.

If you have a man who trusts you and shows you his vulnerable side, try to maintain his dignity even in his absence.

Don’t go behind his back to discuss his weaknesses and shortcomings with your friends.

If he ever finds out you’re revealing his secrets to other people, you’ll lose his trust and maybe your relationship.

things you should never tell your friends

8. His personal challenges

When your man is battling with some life issues, it’s not wise to tell your friends about what he’s going through.

Maybe he’s struggling with erectile dysfunction, substance abuse, or addiction and is getting professional help to overcome it.

Whatever the case, keep his personal challenges private and don’t share them with your social circle.

You may be tempted to confide in your girlfriends because you’re looking for some support, but they could see your partner as a loser if you reveal his issues to them.

Some bad friends may even tell you to leave your romantic partner in his darkest times because they can’t imagine going through the same situation, but you could have valid reasons to stay with him.

9. Your relationship problems

Running to your friends to discuss your relationship issues when you’re in a rut is not a good idea.

A romantic relationship is meant to be between two people who love each other and when you involve a third party who’s not trained to help couples, it could be disastrous.

No matter how angry or sad you are about your significant other, try to talk things out with him instead of complaining to your friends.

You’re not the only one who is experiencing challenges in your relationship, so learn to handle your problems maturely rather than washing your dirty linen in public.

things you should never tell anyone


Every relationship has a set of rules that both couples need to follow to ensure a successful love life.

But there are certain things you should never tell anyone about your man such as his personal challenges, shortcomings, and overall income.

The most important thing to remember is to not share sensitive information about your romantic partner with other people.

It’s okay to seek advice from your friends if you’re suffering abuse in your relationship or your man doesn’t cooperate with you to solve issues.

However, if you have a good man who loves you and is ready to build a long-term relationship, don’t discuss his affairs with other people.

When you tell your friends sensitive information about your man, it can backfire in the future, and your man may never trust you again.

And if you have bad friends who don’t really like you, they can use what you share to destroy your relationship and snatch your man away from you.

Even though you have trusted friends who have your back, it’s still a good idea to leave your man out of your discussions.

Try to maintain his dignity and protect his reputation among your family and friends instead of exposing his deepest secrets.

If you know other things you shouldn’t tell your friends about your relationship, follow your instincts and don’t bring them to light. Some things are better left unsaid!


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