How To Catch A Cheating Spouse Red-handed

How to catch a cheating spouse red-handed

Do you have a gut feeling that your spouse is cheating on you? I’m going to show you how to catch a cheating spouse and get solid proof about their affair.

Maybe you’ve confronted them about your suspicions and they outrightly denied it and even tried to blame you for mistrusting them.

Now, you’re looking for some concrete evidence to prove that your instincts are right after all and that your partner is being unfaithful to you despite all the love you’ve shown to them.

You’re not alone in this dilemma and you have every right to look for signs that a spouse is cheating on you because marriage is meant to be sacred.

If you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful to you, it’s most likely that your suspicions are correct.

In a General Social Survey conducted between 1999 to 2018, it was reported that 25% of married men and 15% of married women admitted to cheating on their spouse at least once.

Sadly, just because you’re out of the dating world doesn’t necessarily mean you’re completely out of the woods.

Some partners do cheat, and even if you’re married, you should be on the lookout for signs of a spouse cheating.

This is the only way you can know the truth and finally get the closure you need.

In general, people tend to look for signs like being overprotective of phones and computers, always leaving the room to take calls, and changing passwords as a sign that someone might be cheating.

How to catch a cheating spouse

However, it’s also important to remember that these aren’t inherently signs of cheating, but instead signs of hiding something.

While that kind of secrecy might not directly mean cheating, it’s probably something you and your spouse should have a conversation about anyway.

Before you bring up the fact that you think your partner is cheating on you, it’s crucial that you gather some compelling evidence that’s undeniable.

Otherwise, you run the risk of accusing them falsely when they’re actually innocent or of letting them argue their way out of the accusation easily.

You want to make sure you have convincing evidence that states that your spouse has cheated on you before you talk to them about it.

The most discreet way to find out if they’re having an affair is to monitor their device activity with a cell phone tracker.

It’s also a good idea to have a game plan for whether you want to stay with them if they do admit to cheating or not.

Many people think of cheating as something that will likely stop once you’re no longer in the dating scene, but sadly, some married people cheat too.

If you’ve noticed several signs your spouse is cheating on you and you’re wondering how to catch them red-handed, it’s really easier than you think.

In this article, we’ll explore some actionable steps to help you get proof that your spouse is actually being unfaithful to you.

9 ways to catch a cheating spouse


The best way to catch a cheating spouse is by spying on them for a certain amount of time.

This means you need to have access to your partner’s phone and laptop.

If you can’t get a hold of their personal gadgets, it would be nearly impossible to know if they’re really cheating on you or not.

Before you start investigating this issue, know that you would need a lot of time, stealth and patience to get proof.

So, don’t be in a rush to catch your unfaithful spouse; calm down and gather your evidence even if it takes a month or two of digging.

A cheating spouse’s worst fear is getting caught so they’re very careful to cover their tracks by deleting their call history, browser history and even cell phone records.

The best thing you can do is to always remember to go into stealth mode before you start looking for incriminating evidence so you don’t get caught in the act.

The moment your spouse knows you’re snooping around, they’ll be very conscious about leaving a trail next time they make contact with their secret lover.

Some cheaters even go as far as getting a new SIM card and phone number to communicate with their lover.

Don’t forget to take screenshots of every suspicious activity you find about your spouse.

To help you find out the truth, here are some effective ways to catch a cheating partner:

How to catch a cheater

1. Do a background check on your spouse

The first thing to do when you’re trying to catch a cheater is to perform an in-depth online background check on them.

This will enable you to dig out extra information that might help in your investigation.

Background checks typically include people’s contact information, public records, criminal history, bankruptcy history, and property records information.

All these can shed more light on what your spouse has been up to that you know nothing about.

Using an online background check tool like TruthFinder or PeopleFinders can save you a lot of time of having to do the investigation process all by yourself.

It’s also a less risky option since there is a smaller chance of being caught by your cheating partner.

2. Get your hands on any gadget they use often

Does your spouse have any android phones or Apple devices they frequently use?

If they’re hiding anything from you, they’ll surely hide it there for easy access.

Find a way to unlock their phone to see if they have a dating app installed or new social media accounts you don’t know about.

Most illicit affairs often start in online dating apps, in your neighborhood or in a spouse’s work place.

If you can get your hands on their mobile phone, you’ll be one step closer to finding the truth.

Apps for cheating tend to fall into three categories: affair apps, general dating apps, and social media apps.

While it’s okay to assume your partner is cheating on you if you find an app like Tinder, Hinge, or Ashley Madison on their phone…

You might not immediately think this if you see a social media app like Snapchat—even though it is widely used for cheating.

However, if you find popular dating apps such as Bumble, Zoosk, or OkCupid on your spouse’s mobile phone, that’s one of the red flags that they’re secretly dating someone else.

It’s also wise to watch out for apps that look unusual, suspicious, or incriminating.

Savvy cheaters have a clever way of covering their tracks to make sure their spouse never finds out what they are up to.

How to catch a cheating spouse

3. Go through their text messages, emails and call logs

With the advent of email, instant messaging and social networking, it’s easy for romantic partners to cheat for a long period of time without being caught.

When people cheat, there is often a strong desire to exchange naughty text messages, flirty emails and romantic phone calls with a secret partner.

The idea of a new bedmate is often intoxicating that they can’t stay away from each other for too long.

Once you have access to your spouse’s phone or laptop, go through their text messages, email accounts and call logs to see if anything suspicious pops up.

If your spouse is seeing someone else, they would likely keep a record of most of the chats and emails they exchange with their new lover for future reference.

Don’t forget to check the trash and recycle bin for deleted messages too.

Some people are not careful enough to empty their phone’s trash so you might find one or two incriminating info there.

Thanks to technology, you can discreetly monitor your spouse’s device activity without them noticing with a phone tracker.

4. Sweep through their phone gallery and Google drive

It’s often hard to identify a cheater without spotting hot pictures of different people in their gallery.

They often keep these photos to help them daydream and fantasize about their new lover.

If you want to know if your spouse is cheating, go through their phone gallery and look for multiple photos of someone you don’t recognize.

Sometimes, they might lock the personal data in a secret vault on their phone so it would be difficult to find them.

But, you can still sweep through your spouse’s phone gallery or Google drive just in case they’re sloppy or forgetful.

You may be lucky to stumble on a nude picture of someone else and that’s a big sign that they’re cheating on you.

How to catch a cheating partner

5. Check their battery usage

One good thing about Android phones and iOS devices is that they often keep track of battery consumption.

When you’re trying to catch a cheating spouse, checking this little information can be a good idea to help you identify the most used apps on your spouse’s phone.

If your partner is spending a lot of time on a specific app every day, it means it’s important to them and it’s worth looking into it.

You can easily find battery usage under phone settings to help you know where your spouse spends most of their time.

6. Put a tracking device in their car

Cheaters often have secret meetings with their lovers and the best way to know if your partner is cheating is to put a tracking device in their car without it being detected.

This little spy software can give you accurate updates about the whereabouts of your spouse.

It provides real-time GPS tracking location details on any vehicle it’s installed in.

If they often visit someone after they close from work, you’ll easily discover where they go once you install a tracking device in their car.

This is the best way to secretly follow your partner and catch them red-handed in the act. Please be informed that this is a risky move that could get you in trouble.

Another way to track your spouse’s movements is through their smartphone as they often carry it around with them when they go out.

If they have the Google maps app installed on their phone, you’ll be able to see their recently visited destinations on the navigation system through their smartphone.

If they have an iPhone, you can use ‘’Find My Friends’’ or ‘’Find my iPhone’’ options to track down their location.

How to catch a cheater red-handed

7. Check their bank statements and credit card records

Bank statements and credit card records are often a gold mine for financial information and are very useful when trying to catch a cheating spouse.

Look for any suspicious spending like phone bills, hotel bills, online shopping receipts, travel expenses and new credit cards you didn’t know about before now.

Most banks send monthly account statements to email addresses registered on a particular account.

Online shopping platforms also send paid invoices to their customers.

If you find any of these, you can know how and when your spouse spends money without your consent.

Seeing a receipt for an adult toy, lingerie, condoms or lubricant is a sure sign that your spouse is sleeping with someone else.

8. Spy on them with an app

Spy apps were created so that parents can watch over their kids, but that’s not all they do.

These sneaky apps can also be used by wives, husbands, family members, or even suspicious employers.

An easy way to catch a cheating wife or an unfaithful husband is to spy on them with an app.

There are some great spy apps that are efficient in getting incriminating evidence from a person’s phone such as sent and received text messages, emails, phone call recordings, browsing history and even frequently used apps.

To catch a cheating spouse you will need to get a hold of their passwords to gain direct access to their phone.

That’s the only way you can install a spying app on the target device.

After installing the app, you can check your partner’s activities via the control panel or website address sent to your email.

Some of the best apps to catch a cheating spouse including mSpy app, text message spy app, Highster mobile and Spyine.

All you need to do is to install the app in your partner’s smartphone and wait for real evidence of cheating.

Sometimes, a cell phone spy app is all you need to catch a cheating spouse red-handed but be mindful of using a free spy app because you might not get what you want from them.

How to catch a cheater

9. Hire a private investigator

You may want to hire a private investigator if you’re trying to gather actual evidence for court, or divorce proceedings.

It would look more professional and efficient when you pay a qualified expert to do the job on your behalf.

A private investigator will carry out the proper work necessary to offer you the peace of mind and closure that you need to move on.

You’ll get real proof that your instincts were right all this time and you’ll get the leverage to confront your spouse when you have something tangible in your hands.

A professional private investigator is the best person to catch cheaters in the act because that’s their job and they’re known to use practical methods to source for useful information.

If you can’t find any incriminating evidence on your own, hiring a private investigator will be your best bet for catching a cheating spouse red-handed.

How to catch a cheating spouse

Infidelity is one of the most common problems couples face in a romantic relationship.

If your spouse is being unfaithful to you, it’s your right to know so you can tackle the issue before it destroys your relationship completely.

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, their strange behavior and sudden lifestyle changes is often enough to know that something is wrong.

In married life, a spouse’s instincts are rarely wrong but it’s safer to gather enough evidence before accusing your partner of cheating.

I’ve given you a step-by-step guide on how to catch a cheating spouse red-handed.

Finding real evidence that your spouse is cheating is often heartbreaking so you need to brace up before you start digging for information.

A spouse’s infidelity can cause a lot of relationship problems and heartache.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to work things out through Couples Therapy or break up with your partner when you discover that they’re actually cheating on you.

Whatever you do, be very careful when you’re looking for how to catch a cheating spouse red-handed because things can get really nasty fast.

If you’ve confirmed that they’re actually having a secret affair and you’re confused about what to do next, here is a step-by-step guide on how to confront a cheating spouse with proof.

How to catch a cheating spouse

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