How To Make Him Marry You

how to make him marry you

So you’ve been dating a guy for a few years now and you’re so ready to get married.

But he seems to be enjoying singlehood and hasn’t made any move yet.

Of course, this is making you feel frustrated and you wish there was something you could do to get him to marry you.

While there’s no magic spell you can use to get a marriage proposal from a man, this article provides a few tips on how to get your boyfriend to put a ring on it.

From dropping subtle hints about marriage to discussing the future, we’ll show you how to make him marry you and stay committed to you. 

how to make him marry you


Does your man seem hesitant about marriage even though you’re ready to take the next step? Here’s how to get him to commit without looking desperate.

1. Understand What You Want In A Partner

If you want to get a man to commit to marriage, you need to first figure out what you really want in a life partner.

Ask yourself some tough questions. Do you value fidelity, humor, ambition, and kindness?

Think about your deal breakers too like what would you do if your significant other cheats on you or says they never want to have kids?

The more you understand yourself, the better you’ll choose a man who fits your needs.

The key is to look for someone who is on the same page as you. Don’t get so caught up in chemistry that you overlook the really important stuff.

Before you decide to marry anyone, see if your values and life goals align. Do you both want kids? Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Discuss things like spirituality, finances, and how you envision balancing family and career. These compatibility factors will determine if your relationship is built to last.

Also, make sure you both want the same thing. There’s no point trying to get a man to marry you if he’s not husband material.

Early on, casually bring up your desire for marriage and see how your boyfriend responds. If he says marriage isn’t for him or he’s not ready to settle down, believe him.

Don’t waste years hoping he’ll change his mind. Find a man who shares your desire for commitment.

2. Focus On Yourself First

If you want to attract a high-quality man and get him to commit to you for life, the first step is to focus on yourself.

Build a fulfilling life of your own that you genuinely enjoy. Pursue your passions, nurture your interests, strengthen your friendships, and work on being the best version of yourself.

Having your own hobbies and social circles outside of a relationship will make you a more interesting person.

Learn a new craft, take up a sport, join a local club, volunteer for a good cause, or find things that spark your passion and curiosity.

When you focus on self-improvement, you’ll gain confidence from your achievements and have more to offer a partner.

Work on cultivating your friendships too. Your female friendships can provide the emotional support and understanding a romantic partner may not always be able to.

Make time for your close friends and be there for each other. Strong friendships will enrich your life and make you less dependent on a man for happiness and fulfillment.

Lastly, don’t forget to practice regular self-care. Exercise, eat healthy, pursue mindfulness practices like yoga or meditation, and make sure to schedule downtime to rest and recharge.

Taking good care of yourself will make you feel and look your best, which can boost your confidence and mood.

As a result, you’ll have more positive energy to devote to your relationships and other life pursuits.

When you’ve built a thriving life of your own, you’ll attract a high-quality man who wants to be a part of it.

And rather than looking to him to complete you, you’ll choose a partner who enhances the happiness you’ve already cultivated within yourself.

So focus on your personal growth and he’ll come along when the time is right.

how to make him marry you

3. Create A Genuine Connection With Him

When you meet a man you’re interested in, focus on building a real emotional and intellectual connection.

Get to know him for who he is—his values, passions, and character.

Ask deep questions about his life, interests, and future goals. Share details about yourself too; remember to be authentic and vulnerable.

Finding common ground and shared interests are key to creating emotional intimacy in a relationship.

If you both love hiking, cooking, or volunteering, make that a part of your time together.

When you engage in shared meaningful experiences, it forms a bond between you. So make eye contact, smile, and talk about things that interest you.

Complimenting a guy in a genuine, sincere way can also help to strengthen your connection.

Tell him you appreciate his kindness, intelligence, sense of humor or other qualities you find attractive.

But don’t overpraise him or be insincere. Focus on specific things you authentically admire about him.

Support him in pursuing his dreams and passions too. Men are attracted to women who push them to become better versions of themselves.

Encourage him during challenging times, ask how you can help, and be there for him if he experiences setbacks. Your belief in him will make him see you as a partner who enhances his life.

Finally, be affectionate but don’t rush into physical intimacy. Hold hands, hug, cuddle, and kiss to help you bond. But avoid intercourse initially, so you can build emotional intimacy first.

When you’ve established a deep connection based on mutual care, trust, and understanding, your man will recognize you as someone he wants in his life permanently.

Don’t pressure him or issue ultimatums. Simply continue nurturing your friendship and intimacy, and if marriage is meant to be, he’ll propose when the time is right.

The key is to be patient, authentic, and vulnerable in your relationship.

Instead of obsessing about marriage, focus on building a foundation of real friendship. That’s the secret to getting a man to marry you.

4. Show Him You’re Wife Material

One of the best ways to get a man to marry you is to show him that you have what it takes to be a great wife.

First, be supportive and encourage his dreams. Cheer him on at events, ask how that important meeting went, and offer to help him study or prepare.

Having a partner who lifts him up will make a man want to commit to you for life.

Second, prove you can handle responsibility. Do small things to show you’re dependable like paying bills on time, keeping your space tidy, and following through on commitments.

Plan dates or get-togethers with friends to highlight your organizational skills.

Helping out with chores or errands without being asked also demonstrates you’re willing to share the workload.

Finally, give him space when he needs it. As much as quality time together is important, everyone needs moments to themselves.

Have your own interests and hobbies outside the relationship so you both can maintain your independence.

Make it clear that you trust and support your man, even when you’re apart. Clinginess and jealousy are not attractive qualities in a life partner.

The key is having the right balance, providing both emotional and practical support, and creating a healthy interdependence.

When a man sees what an amazing teammate you are, he’ll realize you’re the one he wants to build a future with.

Get to the point where you naturally act as a unit, and he won’t be able to imagine life without you.

If marriage is your goal, start preparing yourself to be a good wife. Develop your skills, become an interesting and independent person, and learn to communicate effectively.

And most importantly, make him feel loved and supported. When a man sees what an asset you’ll be by his side, he’ll want to marry you!

5. Discuss Marriage Openly

If you want a man to propose, you need to start talking about marriage openly and honestly.

This may seem scary, but it’s the only way to get on the same page and make sure you both want the same thing. Here are some tips to try:

• Share your timeline: Do you have an ideal timeline for getting engaged or married? Let your man know, so he understands your expectations.

Say something like, “I’m not in a rush, but I want to be married within the next couple of years. What are your thoughts on that?” This opens the door to a real discussion about your future together.

• Talk about finances: Money stresses can ruin relationships, so have an open conversation about your financial situations, spending habits, debts, assets, and financial goals.

Discuss how you’ll budget and make financial decisions together as a married couple. Getting on the same financial page will make the decision to get married a lot easier.

• Discuss your life goals: What do you want out of life and your relationship? Do you want kids? Where do you want to live? What are your priorities and deal breakers?

The more you openly discuss the big life questions, the more confident you’ll both feel about marriage. And the more he’ll realize you’re in it for the long haul.

As much as you may want to get married though, you need to make sure you’re both fully ready. Here are some signs to watch out for:

1. You communicate well and resolve conflicts in a healthy way.

2. You accept each other’s flaws and imperfections.

3. You support each other’s dreams and life goals.

4. You feel like a team and your lives are deeply intertwined.

5. You trust each other fully.

6. You make major life decisions together.

7. You feel it in your heart that you’re meant for each other. 

If you want a man to marry you, keep talking openly about marriage and your future together.

The more you discuss it, the more the idea will feel right, and the sooner he’ll propose!

But be patient—you want to make sure you’re both 100% ready to take the next step.

how to make him marry you

6. Propose If You’re Ready

When you feel the time is right and you want to take your relationship to the next level, consider proposing to your man.

This is the 21st century, after all—you don’t have to wait around for him to do it!

However, before you propose, have a serious conversation about marriage and make sure you’re both ready for that commitment.

Talk about your future dreams and how you see marriage. If he doesn’t seem keen on the idea of marriage at all, proposing may backfire.

But if he says he sees marriage in the cards someday but he’s not ready quite yet, you’ll at least know you’re aligned for the future.

Once you’re sure he’s ready to settle down, plan a romantic proposal by yourself.

Put thought into how you want to propose to make it memorable for both of you.

You could plan a special date night and propose at your favorite restaurant over dessert or do it at home if you’re home buddies.

Keep the question simple but heartfelt, like “You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Will you marry me?”

As excited as you are to propose, be ready for any answer. If he says no, try not to be too disappointed.

Let him know you respect his honesty but that you hope he’ll reconsider in the future.

If he says yes, congratulations! You took a bold move and now you have a wedding to plan.

Sometimes all a man needs is a little push to realize what an amazing future he could have with you. But never pressure him into an answer before he’s truly ready.

Proposing to your boyfriend is a brave act that shows how much you love and value him.

But make sure the feeling is mutual before you ask the question, have a romantic proposal planned, and be prepared for any answer.

Take the chance—you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of happiness to gain!


While there’s no foolproof plan to get a ring on your finger, a little strategic thinking can go a long way.

Show your man you’d make an amazing partner without scaring him off. Work on yourself, drop hints about marriage, and talk about the future.

But most importantly, focus on building a healthy, mutually fulfilling relationship—not just landing a husband.

If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen when the time is right. Just try to relax and enjoy each step of the journey.

The destination will take care of itself if you lay the groundwork of trust, compassion, and commitment.

If not, at least you would have gained a meaningful life experience and a better understanding of what you want.


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