7 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Missing You Badly

signs a guy is missing you badly

Do you want to know if your guy is missing you like crazy?

Maybe you just started dating or you’re in a long-distance relationship but you want to know if he has strong feelings for you.

When a guy is missing you, there are often subtle signs that reveal his feelings without him explicitly saying so.

From reaching out more often to wanting to see you regularly, guys usually show it in their actions and body language when they’ve got you on their minds.

Keep reading to learn the obvious signs a guy is missing you badly and wants to be with you. 

signs a guy is missing you badly


Are you looking for signs that indicate a guy is missing you just as much as you miss him?

If you pay close attention to these clues you’ll know if he’s thinking about you and missing you like crazy.

1. He contacts you frequently

A major sign someone is missing you is that they’ll reach out more often through texts, calls, or messages to stay connected with you.

If a guy keeps calling and texting, it’s a sign he misses you terribly. Maybe he calls just to chat, sends a quick “thinking of you” text, or slides into your DMs to say hi.

Whatever the method, frequent communication means you’re on his mind.

The fact is, when a guy misses you, he makes an effort to stay in your life in any way he can.

So if your boyfriend is frequently reaching out, finding excuses to see you, or lavishing you with compliments, there’s a good chance you’re on his mind and in his heart.

2. He asks mutual friends about you

If a guy is missing you, he’ll want to know what’s going on in your life.

And if he can’t get a hold of you, he may ask your mutual friends or family members for details instead.

Has a friend mentioned that your man asked how you’re doing or what you’ve been up to lately?

That’s a sure sign he’s thinking about you and wants to connect with you.

The fact that he cares enough to ask other people about your well-being means you’re on his mind.

If you miss him too, don’t hesitate to reach out and let him know how you feel.

signs a guy is missing you badly

3. He’s more active on social media

Has your guy been liking and commenting on your social media posts more often lately? That’s a sign he’s missing you.

When a guy isn’t able to see you in person, he may turn to your social profiles to feel more connected to you.

For example, he may like the selfies you post or photos of you out with friends.

He might also leave flirty comments complimenting how you look. This shows he’s thinking about you even when you’re apart.

He may also be posting more often himself. Guys who miss their girlfriends tend to share more personal life updates as a way to passively reach out.

They hope you’ll like their posts in return and engage with them.

It’s their way of starting a conversation and keeping the lines of communication open while waiting to see you again in person.

Some guys may even post nostalgic throwbacks of the two of you together or inside jokes you share. This signals to everyone else that you’re still together.

He wants the world – and you – to know you’re still his girl, even if he can’t be with you at the moment.

In today’s world of instant digital connection, social media acts as a lifeline when separated from someone you care about.

So if your guy has increased his online activity and interaction on your profiles recently, it’s a sure sign you’ve been on his mind.

Connecting with you on social media is his way of closing the distance until you’re back together again.

4. He makes plans to see you frequently

One of the surest signs that he’s missing you like crazy is that he takes every opportunity to spend time together.

When a guy is into you, he’ll move mountains to create chances for the two of you to meet up.

Maybe he calls you up out of the blue and asks if you’re free to grab dinner or see a movie.

Or perhaps he invites you along when he’s doing errands or other everyday activities.

The point is, he keeps finding excuses to see your face as much as possible. When you do get together, he always seems fully focused on the present moment.

He asks you lots of questions about your life to show he’s genuinely interested. He also shares details about his own life, his thoughts, and his feelings. 

The frequency of your meetups and the level of connection you share during them reveals how strongly he feels drawn to you.

If seeing you has become a top priority for your guy and he’s making real efforts to spend quality time together, it’s a clear sign you’re on his mind when you’re apart.

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, no one has time for people they don’t truly care about.

So if he’s voluntarily making space in his schedule again and again to be with you, it’s obvious you’re special to him.

His frequent desire to see you in person is a sure sign he misses you like crazy.

5. He tells you he misses you

Have you been getting random texts from your guy saying he misses you? This is one of the most obvious signs he’s longing for you.

When a man tells you directly that you’re on his mind, believe him! He wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it.

Maybe he sends a quick “Thinking of you” message during the day or calls you at bedtime to say you’re on his mind and he wishes you were together.

These little gestures show you’re still important to him even when you’re apart.

If he’s expressing how much he misses your smile, your laugh or just you in general, it’s clear he’s crazy about you.

Men aren’t always the most open with their feelings, so when he does share that you’re missed, it means a lot.

Don’t brush it off or assume he’s just being polite. He wants you to know you’re special to him.

The more often he tells you he misses you, the more you’re on his mind.

If he says it every day, especially multiple times a day, it’s a sure sign you’re always in his thoughts. He longs to be with you and the distance is difficult for him.

Of course, words are easy but actions speak louder.

If he’s not just talking the talk but also walking the walk by making time for you and planning dates, then you know his feelings are genuine.

But if he says he misses you yet never seems to want to meet up, his words may not have much meaning.

Pay attention to the context and frequency of your guy’s “I miss you” messages.

Combined with his effort to spend time together, these little love letters can be a clear indication you’re always on his mind and he’s missing you like crazy.

signs a guy is missing you badly

6. He reminisces about moments you’ve shared together

You know he’s missing you when he starts bringing up inside jokes you share or fun memories you’ve made together.

Maybe he’ll text you out of the blue about that time you tried and failed to cook dinner together or when you got stuck in the rain and had to make a run for it.

These little moments you’ve shared are obviously on his mind, and he’s thinking of you.

A guy who misses you will want to relive those happy times you had as a couple. He may call you up just to chat about a trip you took or a date night you enjoyed.

It’s his way of connecting with you and filling the void of you not being around. He’s longing for the laughter and good conversation you used to share on a regular basis.

Even if you’ve only been on a few dates, if he’s already reminiscing about your time together, that’s a sign he’s feeling your absence.

Maybe he’ll say something like, “I’ve been craving that pizza we got on our first date.” Or, “I drove by that park we walked through, and it made me think of you.”

These little comments show that you are constantly on his mind.

When you start dating someone new, it’s the shared experiences that build intimacy and form a bond between you.

So when a guy looks for ways to relive those moments, especially the little details, it highlights the fact that the bond you have is meaningful to him and that he wants to spend more time with you.

7. He’s hesitant to leave whenever you interact with each other

Whenever you meet up or talk on the phone, does your guy seem reluctant to say goodbye? If so, that’s a sign he’s really missing you.

He wants to make the most out of every second you have together, even if it’s brief.

Maybe he keeps the conversation going by texting you after you hang up or proposing another call soon.

Or perhaps when you meet in person, he suggests grabbing coffee or dinner together to extend your time.

He’ll make excuses to stay longer, like offering you a ride home even though you drove yourself.

The truth is, he’s not ready for your interaction to end because he’s craving more of your company.

Being apart from you is hard for him, so he tries to delay it as long as possible. Make no mistake, this behavior shows he cares about you and the moments you share.

Even if you’re the one initiating most of your meetups or calls, his enthusiasm and urgency to connect are clear indicators of how much he values your time together.

He drops everything to give you his full attention when you reach out. And when you have to go, you can sense his disappointment.

Don’t be surprised if he hits you up again soon after to make plans for your next rendezvous.

A guy who misses you this much will take whatever opportunities he can to see you.

His eagerness and the priority he places on you are a clear sign that you’re on his mind, even when you’re apart.

While it’s sweet he never wants your time together to end, also make sure to maintain your independence and boundaries.

As much as he may miss you, it’s healthy for both of you to do your own thing sometimes too.

But when you are together, soak up all that affection and enjoy being with someone who cherishes each moment in your presence.


Are you dating a new guy and want to know if he’s missing you? Pay close attention to his actions and body language.

If he wants to see you, talk to you, and be near you all the time, it’s obvious you’ve got him hooked.

He’s doing all these little things to show you’re constantly on his mind.

Don’t ignore him or keep him waiting for too long. Go ahead and let him know you’ve been missing him too.


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