8 Types Of Guys You Should Never Date

types of guys you should never date

The dating world is filled with different types of guys looking to connect with single women.

However, not all of them want to end up in a long-term relationship.

As a lady who’s looking for a serious relationship, it’s necessary to be able to weed out the good guys from the unserious ones.

This article explores the different types of guys to avoid dating and how you can identify them.


If you meet any of these guys in the dating scene, run and never look back:

1. A guy who’s too attached to his mother

Have you ever met a mama’s boy before?

If you have, you would notice that a guy who is overly attached to his mom always finds it difficult to bond with another woman because his mother is the love of his life.

How do you compete with a woman who knows everything about your man and still controls him to date?

You may survive the dating phase but as your relationship progresses to the next level, you’ll become miserable.

Once you get married, everything you do will be scrutinized by his mom, your decisions as a couple will be influenced by her, and you’ll constantly have to walk on eggshells to keep her happy.

In my opinion, that’s definitely not the best way to build a successful marriage.

There’s nothing wrong with a guy loving his mom, talking to her regularly, and being close to her.

But as an adult, there are certain things a mother doesn’t have to do for a man anymore and he must make independent decisions without asking his mom for permission.

If a guy talks about his mom all the time, seeks her approval on almost everything, and goes out of his way to please her, that’s a sure sign he’s a mama’s boy.

For a romantic relationship to work, both partners need to be mature enough to handle their problems without involving a third party.

A guy who can’t function without his mom or set boundaries in his life is not an ideal life partner.

types of guys you should never date

2. A guy who always hangs out with his friends

Do you know that guy who constantly needs to hang out with his friends to feel complete and even when he gets into a serious relationship, he prioritizes his friendships over his woman’s needs?

When a guy chooses his friends over his girlfriend or wife, this shows he doesn’t want to grow up and live a more responsible life.

While it’s okay to have close friends and hang out with them regularly, neglecting your partner to have fun with your inner circle doesn’t show that you value her or your relationship.

If you meet a guy who would drop everything he’s doing to hang out with his buddies, that’s not a good sign, especially when you’re looking for a reliable partner.

You can know these types of guys because they’re always drinking at the pub, going to noisy parties, playing video games together, and flirting with lots of girls.

It’s wise to observe a guy’s lifestyle thoroughly before committing to a long-term relationship with him and if you don’t like what you see, it’s best to walk away.

3. An emotionally immature guy

Maintaining a healthy relationship is hard work and it’s even more difficult when the person you’re dating is not emotionally mature.

To avoid getting into a complicated situation in the future, watch out for childish behavior in a potential partner.

For example, if a guy gives you the silent treatment for days, ignores you after a quarrel, and gets angry when you want to have some alone time, that’s a sure sign he’s not mature enough.

Healthy couples communicate freely with each other and work as a team to solve relationship issues.

If you’re always the first person to apologize or try to reconcile after a fight, your partner isn’t emotionally mature and can’t handle serious relationship problems.

As soon as you notice immaturity or childish behavior in a guy, save yourself the drama and end the relationship before it gets serious.

4. A guy who’s only looking for casual relationships

A seasoned playboy seeks to only have fun with as many women as he can and isn’t looking for anything serious.

He’s usually flirty, emotionally distant, and shallow in his conversations. You’ll notice he hardly talks about the future or other deep topics like marriage, kids, and parenting.

When you meet this type of guy, it’s easy to know what he’s looking for because he’ll tell you he wants to keep things casual between you and is always trying to get you to sleep with him.

For example, he may talk about how hot you look, touch you inappropriately, invite you to hang out at his place, or send you nude pics without you asking.

Once a guy starts flirting heavily with you, asking for nude photos or sending them, and talking about getting intimate after a few dates, that’s a sign he’s only interested in a casual fling.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, avoid dating a playboy who will never commit to you.

types of guys you should never date

5. A guy who’s controlling and abusive

Another type of guy you should never date is a control freak who tries to limit your freedom and independence.

While it’s essential to make decisions with your partner and let him know about your whereabouts, the person you’re dating shouldn’t dictate your life or micromanage you.

For instance, if a guy tells you not to keep in touch with your family members, hang out with your friends, or engage in fun activities you enjoy, that’s a huge red flag.

Someone who truly loves you will accept you with all your quirks and allow you to be yourself as long as you’re doing the right thing.

Don’t stay with a guy who tells you how to behave, what to wear, and who to talk to because he’s your boyfriend.

If he’s so controlling during the dating stage, how would he treat you in marriage? I bet you’ll become his personal property when you get married.

6. A guy who has multiple baby mamas

There’s nothing wrong with a guy who has one or two kids with another woman.

However, if you realize that the guy you’re dating is notorious for getting women pregnant and abandoning them, that’s a big red flag.

A guy who isn’t responsible enough to stick to one woman or take care of his kids isn’t going to be a good life partner.

No matter what he says or the promises he makes to you, be prudent enough to leave the relationship early before you become one of his baby mamas.

7. A guy who’s looking for a nanny or caretaker

Romantic relationships are meant to be mutually beneficial not parasitic or one-sided.

A guy who has been spoiled by his parents may feel entitled and expect a woman to take care of all his affairs.

If you don’t want to be used or taken advantage of in a relationship, avoid dating a guy who is looking for a foster mother or nanny instead of a life partner.

You can recognize these types of guys who are never husband material by how they behave when it comes to doing house chores.

Does a guy expect you to work a full-time job, clean the house, run errands, and still take care of his personal needs while he has enough leisure time?

That’s a sign he’s looking for a maid, not an equal partner and you would be wise to avoid dating such a guy.

It’s understandable if a guy is willing to work, pay the bills, and manage the finances while you take care of the home.

But if you’re also going to work and he isn’t offering to help with the house chores, that’s a red flag.

types of guys you should never date

8. A guy who has no potential in life

Dating a total loser with no future plans is a recipe for a failed relationship.

Another type of guy you should avoid dating is the one who has nothing going for him in his life and doesn’t want to put in the effort to move forward.

It’s okay to be with someone who is working hard at becoming a better person but hasn’t reached his destination yet.

For instance, if a guy is struggling to finish his University degree and has a few side gigs but no real job, you can be with him and offer him support because he has some potential.

However, if all he does is ask you or his parents for money, sit on the couch every day and play video games, that’s a sign he’s not ready to grow up.

The difference between a loser and a potential partner is a lack of vision or direction in life.

A guy who’s still living with his parents at home and has no source of income can’t afford to take care of a woman.

Staying with this type of guy will be a total waste of your time, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before committing to a man who’s not serious in life.


There are different types of guys you should never date and you can easily identify them in a new relationship by observing their words, actions, and body language.

From mama’s boy and a guy with no potential to a control freak, if you’re looking for something long-term, avoid dating any of the guys mentioned in this article.

You’ll save yourself a lot of heartache and drama if you’re intentional about the guys you date.


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