10 Signs Your Partner Is Giving Up On The Relationship

signs your partner is giving up on the relationship

You’ve felt it for a while—something feels off in your relationship and you don’t know how to fix it.

The spark has faded, conversations are tense, and you’re questioning if you’re on the same page.

Your partner seems checked out, but you don’t want to assume the worst.

Before deciding the relationship is doomed, look for these signs your partner is giving up.

While some may be harmless, a combination of factors likely points to deeper issues.

Keep reading to learn the top indicators it may be time to call it quits or double down on working it out.


Do you sense your partner pulling away from you? Maybe they avoid deep conversations, stop talking about the future, and act indifferent toward you.

If you notice these telltale signs, your partner is likely losing interest or considering ending the relationship:

1. They’ve stopped making an effort

One of the first signs a partner is giving up on the relationship is that they stop investing their time, energy, and money to make it work.

If your partner rarely compliments you anymore or doesn’t notice the little things you do, that’s a sign the relationship is on the rocks.

Have they stopped planning fun dates or small surprises? Do they seem indifferent to quality time together? Do they forget to celebrate with you on special occasions?

When someone stops putting in effort, it shows they’ve lost interest and motivation.

Maybe communication has dwindled to just mundane conversations about chores, finances, and schedules.

Meaningful talks about hopes, dreams, and feelings have fallen by the wayside.

If your partner isn’t initiating deeper discussions or doing things to make you feel special like they used to, they could be pulling away emotionally.

All relationships go through ups and downs, but if the downs have lasted for months with no signs of improvement, your partner may have given up.

The bottom line? Pay attention to the signals, have an open and honest conversation about the state of your relationship and what you both want and decide if the connection can be reignited or if it’s time to move on.

signs your partner is giving up on the relationship

2. They show no interest in being intimate

A decline in physical intimacy, including a lack of desire, affection, or closeness is a big sign your partner is no longer feeling the relationship.

If your significant other seems disinterested in making love or engaging in any kind of physical intimacy, that’s not a good sign.

A healthy relationship usually means an active love life, so if they never seem in the mood anymore or always have an excuse, it could mean the spark is fading.

Physical intimacy helps to strengthen your bond as a couple. Without it, you can start to feel more like roommates than romantic partners.

Maybe your partner is stressed or tired, but if their lack of desire is an ongoing issue, you need to have an honest conversation about it.

Ask them what’s changed and if there’s anything you both can do to reconnect physically.

Compromise and trying new things can help, but lack of intimacy is often a symptom of other issues in the relationship that need to be addressed.

Don’t ignore this warning sign—talk it out together and see if you can reignite the passion before it’s too late.

Your relationship depends on more than just emotional or intellectual connection.

Physical intimacy is what separates your romantic partner from all other relationships.

If that fades away completely, it may be a sign that you’re no longer connected.

3. They seem indifferent toward you

Another sign your partner is pulling away from the relationship is that they act cold and distant toward you.

If your significant other seems indifferent or apathetic toward you, this is a sign they may have given up.

Do they no longer seem to care about the little details of your life? Have they stopped initiating intimate moments, like holding hands or giving you hugs?

Do they brush off your attempts to talk about the relationship or make future plans together?

Indifference is a subtle but damaging sign that the emotional connection you once shared has started to fade.

It often happens gradually, as your partner withdraws and creates distance in the relationship.

They may claim to still care about you but their actions say otherwise. The passion and effort they once put into the relationship is gone.

If this sounds familiar, don’t ignore it. Have an honest conversation with your partner about what you’ve noticed and how their indifference makes you feel.

Let them know you want to rebuild your emotional intimacy and connection. However, they have to be willing to put in the work too.

If they remain apathetic, you’ll need to decide whether staying in an indifferent relationship is right for you.

4. They talk about the future without you in it

When someone is giving up on a relationship, they may avoid making plans together, stop including their significant other in their long-term goals, or show disinterest in building a future as a couple.

If your partner is making plans for the future but leaves you out of them, that’s not a good sign.

Maybe they mention wanting to move to another city or state for a new job opportunity but don’t seem concerned about whether you’ll join them or not.

Or they talk about places they want to travel to someday but only seem interested in going solo or with friends.

These types of conversations where your partner envisions what their future may hold but doesn’t include you in those visions are subtle hints that they may have one foot out the door.

While people in relationships don’t have to do everything together, if your partner is consistently leaving you out of their long-term plans and goals, it could be a sign they’re ready to move on from the relationship.

The future of a relationship depends on both people wanting the same thing—to share life’s adventures.

So if you find your partner preparing for their future without making room for you in it, that’s a wake-up call worth paying attention to before they walk out the door for good.

Have a heartfelt conversation with them about what you both want, and whether the relationship is still a priority in their life and future.

The answers you get will reveal if there’s still hope to reconnect or if it’s time to let go.

signs your partner is giving up on the relationship

5. They no longer communicate with you

One of the biggest signs your partner has given up is if the lines of communication have broken down.

Do they no longer share details of their day or ask about yours? Has the frequency of calls, texts, and in-person conversations dropped off?

If your partner rarely initiates contact anymore or takes hours or days to respond when you reach out, this indicates they are withdrawing emotionally.

While everyone gets busy at times, a drastic change in communication habits signals a deeper issue.

Perhaps they feel you’ve grown apart or the spark is gone, but they haven’t worked up the courage to say so directly just yet.

Rather than accuse them of neglecting you, have a heart-to-heart conversation about the state of your communication and relationship.

Let them know you’ve noticed the distance and want to work to bridge the gap, if possible.

Their willingness to also put in effort will reveal whether the relationship can be fixed or if it’s time to go your separate ways.

The truth may be hard to accept, but knowing where you stand is better than being left in the dark.

6. They are cold and emotionally distant

Does your partner seem withdrawn or detached most of the time?

Their emotional distance can be a sign they’re giving up on the relationship.

When someone checks out of a relationship, their affection and warmth start to wane.

They may act cold or aloof toward you and will no longer say “I love you” as much or show physical affection like quick hugs, kisses, and holding hands.

Emotional intimacy takes work to maintain, but if your partner can’t be bothered to put in the effort anymore, it may mean they’re done.

Pay attention if conversations have become tense or superficial. Look out for signs like lack of eye contact, closed-off body language, irritability, or defensiveness.

The emotional and physical intimacy in relationships ebb and flow over time, but a prolonged period of coldness could indicate your partner has fallen out of love and is pulling away.

Talk to them about the state of your emotional connection and whether the relationship can be saved.

The conversation may be hard, but knowing the truth is better than being deceived or lied to.

7. They avoid spending time with you

A major sign your partner is losing interest in the relationship is if they’re spending less quality time together, making excuses to avoid shared activities, or prioritizing other commitments over you.

If your partner starts avoiding spending alone time with you, it’s not a good sign.

Maybe they’re always too busy with work or social engagements to make time for meaningful interactions.

Or perhaps they come up with excuses to not participate in shared hobbies or activities you used to enjoy together.

When someone pulls away from bonding with their partner, it often means they’re distancing themselves emotionally as well.

It could be a sign that they’ve given up on connecting and are ready to move on.

The relationship may feel like an obligation rather than something they genuinely want to invest in.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Sometimes life gets busy and schedules don’t align for a while.

But if your partner’s lack of time for you feels like a pattern and they don’t seem to miss the intimacy, it’s probably time to sit down and talk about the changes you’ve noticed in your relationship.

You both deserve to be in a partnership where you feel valued and cared for.

signs your partner is giving up on the relationship

8. They’ve stopped complaining about issues in the relationship

If your partner used to talk to you about things they weren’t happy with but has now gone radio silent, that’s a red flag.

In a healthy relationship, partners feel comfortable voicing their concerns and frustrations.

If they’ve stopped speaking up about issues altogether, it could mean they no longer care enough to try and work to improve things.

Silence may seem like bliss at first, but unaddressed problems tend to fester and grow over time.

Your partner’s unwillingness to discuss difficulties could indicate they’ve checked out emotionally and are no longer invested in the relationship.

Rather than trying to sweep issues under the rug, have a sincere conversation with your partner about the lack of communication.

Let them know you’ve noticed they seem less inclined to bring up relationship problems and ask if there’s any particular reason why.

Their response may reveal if they’re truly still dedicated to making the relationship work.

The health of a relationship depends on clear communication and a willingness to work through challenges together.

If your partner has stopped putting in the effort to maintain open lines of communication, that may be a sign the relationship has run its course for them.

Have a heart-to-heart to find out where you both stand before their silence causes irreparable damage.

9. They seek emotional support elsewhere

There are days when relationships hit a rough patch and tensions arise. During these times, a caring partner will turn to you for emotional support.

However, if your partner seems to be confiding in others instead of you lately, it may be a sign they’re giving up on the relationship.

Rather than opening up to you about their feelings or struggles, they’re calling a friend or family member.

Or worse, they spend hours chatting with an attractive new co-worker or neighbor.

While it’s normal and healthy for partners to have outside friendships, if the bulk of their emotional intimacy and vulnerability is now being shared with someone else, it’s not a good indicator of your relationship’s health.

Their tendency to pull away from you in times of stress or unhappiness shows their commitment may be wavering.

They would rather find solace and comfort elsewhere than work through issues together.

This avoidance and distance will only drive you further apart if not addressed.

The next time your partner seems upset or distressed, pay attention to who they turn to for support.

If it’s rarely you these days, it may be time for an honest conversation about the state of your relationship and their level of investment in it.

While seeking outside counsel from time to time is fine, you should remain each other’s primary source of emotional intimacy.

If that connection has been lost, you’ll need to rebuild it to get your relationship back on track.

10. They’re suggesting a breakup or divorce

If your partner is hinting at ending things between you two, that’s a pretty clear sign the relationship is in trouble.

When someone suggests “taking a break” or breaking up altogether, it usually means they’ve lost hope in the relationship and don’t feel the connection anymore.

Have an honest conversation with your partner about their feelings and listen to their concerns.

Do they feel like you’ve grown apart or want different things? Are there unresolved issues that have caused damage over time?

While it may be a difficult discussion, hearing their perspective will help you determine if the relationship can be repaired or if ending it is the right choice.

Rather than immediately jumping to break up, consider relationship counseling or therapy.

Speaking to a professional can help you work through challenges together, improve your communication, and set you on a path to reconnecting.

However, if after trying your best to make it work, you both agree that you want different things, ending the relationship as amicably as possible may be the healthiest decision.


No relationship is perfect and couples fall out of love with each other from time to time.

If you see some of these behaviors cropping up, have a lengthy conversation with your partner about where you both see things going.

It’s better to address issues head-on than let resentment build. With good communication, patience, and willingness to work on things, your relationship can be saved.

But if after talking, you discover that your partner has already moved on mentally or emotionally, it may be time to start thinking about what’s best for you and your happiness going forward.

Trust your gut, be true to yourself, and know that whatever happens, life will bring new opportunities and bigger blessings.


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